• Grundini – Peter Grundy
    Grundini – Peter Grundy

    Information graphics are often dry and uninviting and how to make over-dosed informative data look visually attractive in a minimalist style is a challenging task for most designers. Peter Grundy, however, is one with the rare ability to take complex and sometimes perplexing information and present it as a series of simple but elegant visual messages through his illustrations.

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  • Sam Falconer
    Sam Falconer

    “Faces are everything to humans, both in the way we convey emotions and interact with each other. I think that this makes portraits unavoidably engaging and it’s one of the first things that a lot of us draw as kids. I think an illustrated portrait can add real beauty to an area in which a stock image may not, and of course characterisation can add comment to a piece that may not be as viable with straight photography.”

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Pick of the Month
  • Electric Uniform unveils new collection!
    Electric Uniform unveils new collection!

    Electric Uniform are back with another collection of football-meets-club-culture t-shirts following the success of their first range. Launched in June by Radio Slave, the Electric Uniform tees have quickly gained cult status, with a growing fan base sporting the likes of Dettmann, Kraviz and Dixon across their backs. The six new artists to join the team are Sven Väth, Modeselektor, DJ Koze, Luciano, Ellen Allien and Acid Jesus (aka Roman Flugel).

  • Elvire Delanote rebrands for Supersaga
    Elvire Delanote rebrands for Supersaga

    Elvire Delanote is a freelance Graphic Designer. She works with creative businesses to help them sharpen their passion and expresss their vision. Delanote has her studio in Ghent, focusing mainly on branding, corporate identity and product launches for companies and start-ups. Elvire loves minimal, functional and typographic design that also has warmth, personality and solidity. She believes in the importance of an honest and concept-driven approach to assure intriguing and effective communication.

Upcoming Events
RONE – Lumen
RONE – Lumen

"Lumen explores that pivotal moment in our lives when we realise that we need to believe in what we see [and know to be true] rather than what we’ve been told...." Lumen will include eleven large-scale portraits inside and outside of the gallery and a twelve metre high mural on the building’s adjoining ventilation tower. The space itself – an abandoned office building slated for demolition – has been transformed into a black (and blank) canvas. The artworks will be brought spectacularly to life by lighting designer, John McKissock.

  • La Biennale de Montréal – BNLMTL 2014
    La Biennale de Montréal – BNLMTL 2014

    L’avenir (looking forward) examines the relationship of contemporary art practices to speculation, futurity and its history, as well as the currency of projecting into the future. The exhibition presents artists working in film, sculpture, photography, painting and installation who respond to current conditions by considering “what is to come.” It also includes artists who propose art practices that are socially responsive to challenges presented by possible futures, practices that are frequently situational, performative and temporal, as well as artists who address the vexed question of the current agency of art and whether it has the affective potential to influence the future.

  • Lucy Bell Fine Art presents Mirrored by Maslen & Mehra
    Lucy Bell Fine Art presents Mirrored by Maslen & Mehra

    Lucy Bell Fine Art is pleased to present, Mirrored, the first exhibition at the gallery and the first solo exhibition in the region by collaborative duo Maslen & Mehra who moved to St Leonards-On-Sea in early 2013, and as part of the new Hastings Photo Festival which launches this year. For the Mirrored series, Maslen & Mehra appropriate imagery of people, whose silhouettes are then made into mirrored sculptures. By placing them into the landscape and photographing them in this new context, they forge an unusual synthesis at first sight: the juxtaposition of highly urban people and wide-open spaces.

  • Dutch Design Week 2014
    Dutch Design Week 2014

    During the 13th edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven you can see with your own eyes how the world of tomorrow is already in the making today. Smart solutions and inventive design offer new promising perspectives. From 18-26 OCT, the doors to the future open up in a city that buzzes with inspiration and creative energy for nine full days – over 3 design area’s, 78 locations, 2200 designers, 400 events, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, food and parties.

  • Singled Out – Fundraising art exhibition
    Singled Out – Fundraising art exhibition

    The Connoisseur Concerto is proud to present ‘Singled Out’ – an art exhibition conceptualised by creative agency fFurious, and developed in collaboration with events organisation, and Thunder Rock School. This exhibition will see 50 local designers and artists transforming vinyl records into pieces of artwork that will be on display at tcc ‘The Gallery’ at 51 Circular Road. The artworks will be up for auction where all proceeds will be managed by Thunder Rock School, who will be setting up a music education outreach program specifically catered to financially disadvantaged children.

  • East Wing presents DARKENED CITIES by Thierry Cohen
    East Wing presents DARKENED CITIES by Thierry Cohen

    East Wing presents "Darkened Cities" by French photographer, Thierry Cohen. At first glance, these images seem to be of fantastic night scapes taken from some of the most celebrated cities in the world. They are that, but much more - they are both a poetic exploration by Cohen and a message of what these cities could look like if all light and atmospheric pollution were removed.



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