Heting Jewellery — The Enchanted Forest by Carina Wong — Hong Kong

“Heting Jewellery goes beyond simple adornment. Through exquisite craftsmanship, these pieces become wearable art.” The Enchanted Forest collection draws upon elements of folklore and the primordial energy of nature to create pieces which evoke a sense of unfurling mystery. Divided into four collections: BELLFLOWER, DEWDROP, PINECONE & TREE OF LIFE.

Carina Wong is the founder and artistic director of Heting Jewellery. Her creative appetite has seen her explore and master crafts ranging from calligraphy and embroidery to metalsmithing and gemology. Heting Jewellery is the ultimate expression of her energy and inspiration, and her philosophy is rooted in combining beauty and art. As a professional gemologist, Carina’s passion for the finest details left her in a world of wonder, gazing into every stone as though it were a universe unto itself. Her appreciation for craftsmanship has infused her collection with rich stories, intricate details and a vision to reimagine fine jewellery.

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