Loïc Bard — Capside Lamp — France

Capside Lamp is formed by faceted woody shell with a colorful rope cord.

The Capside Lamp won the Lighting Price at Grands Prix du Design 2012 in Montreal. It is hard to resist the temptation of peeking inside of the lamp when the bright colors slip through the frame with the light.

The challenge on this project was in maintaining the accuracy of angles and shaping the various facets to minimize their thickness, while conserving the stability of the wood. Each plane is configured in solid ¼ inch thick wood (maple, sycamore or cherry), while the internal structure is shaped by Russian birch.

The lamp is based on the relationship between form and function. The abstract geometric form with a wooden exterior, coated with vibrant colors on the inside give it a playful versatility. The lamps double as a floor lamp, and a ceiling pendant, giving users the ability to get creative with the playful little lights.

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