MakersKit — Dinosaur Garden MakersKit — San Francisco, USA

A complete project kit that includes everything you need to make three dinosaur themed planters!

MakersKit was founded in San Francisco by two expert makers, Mike Stone and Jawn McQaude authors of best selling book "The Maker Boys". They specialize in creating unique project kits based on their popular series of live workshops. From shaking up classic cocktails to growing your own living herb terrarium, they share their expertise with easy to follow video tutorials included with each kit. Their Dinosaur Garden MakersKit was designed for children, but it is just as popular with grownups looking to recapture their childhood. Each kit includes three cupcake shaped containers, four dinosaur figures, preserved reindeer & mood moss, lichen, clover seeds and organic planting materials. Spend an afternoon creating your own miniature prehistoric world.

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