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Auspicious — Taipei, Taiwan

"The design for RAW reflects the quality of Chef Andre Chiang’s culinary skills and his use of local ingredients. We care about how to represent both high-end craft and a new lifestyle. The design supports the objective of the restaurant, which aims to provide good food in a low-key yet innovative way."

AUSPICIOUS is a design studio that works for clients who operate in many different fields: design firms, galleries, restaurants, institutions, and even individuals. From concept to production, the studio sees design as a way to bridge the gap between architecture, people, lifestyle, and the visual arts. Always pursuing design with intent, AUSPICIOUS considers the bigger picture behind a project through the lens of all the smallest details of that project, the little things that often pass others by: "Good design is like something that lies quietly in your drawer at home – it doesn't over react, but it's there when you need it."

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