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Biaugust Creation Office — Taipei, Taiwan

“The carton represents the earth, the blue lid the sky and water, and a piece of brass with the logo inscribed on it represents the sunlight at dawn. The simple, clean design successfully conveys the Worldwide Speciality Coffee brand image and shortens the distance between the brand and consumers.”

For Taipei based studio Biaugust Creation Office, “life stories and touching moments” are starting points for exploration. They see multiple possibilities within the design field to create meaningful connections between people their varied lifestyles. The studio works in graphic design, interior and architectural design, and contemporary art. One of their recent works, the packaging design for Taiwan Coffee in Red Brick (pictured above), is exemplary of their design ethos, and indeed, earned Biaugust a coveted Golden Pin Design Award 2015 Design Mark. The design links the locally grown coffee to the ubiquitous three-sided red brick farmhouses that dot the countryside in Taiwan.

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