Bryan Edmondson - SEA Design (London, UK)

The joy of conferences? The fun has to be the travel! The downside usually comes with the jet-lag. Presenting work for the first time is interesting – that gives me the opportunity to discuss the thoughts of new work and ideas.


Bryan Edmondson - SEA Design (London, UK)


Bryan Edmondson is creative director and co-founder of the multi-disciplinary design consultancy SEA. Edmondson’s work touches many disciplines from corporate identity and art direction to digital, packaging and information design. He has amassed a diverse and impressive client list and produced a wide range of acclaimed work for clients such as Matthew Williamson, GF Smith, EMI, Adidas, Porche, the contemporary furniture brand Beyon and Jamie Oliver.

Bryan Edmondson - SEA Design (London, UK)

IdN Extra 06: Semi-Permanent p94-95

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