DESIGNMENU — Hoffman Ho — Okura Store — Hong Kong

The ultimate challenge of this design was to accommodate the flexible demands of the client without compromising the distinct style of the designer. The completed product conveys a sense of youthful experimentation as fresh as the establishment of OKURA. The shopfront has a visually manufacturing aesthetic engendered by the use of Glassblock and tinted Plywood I-Beam, in combination with reinforced concrete floor, are the first characteristic manufacturing materials of the construction of the shop.

DESIGNMENU recently completed the interior design for OKURA — situated in a typical 1975’s residential building in the middle of the stairs of Shin Hing Street in the Central District of Hong Kong. The site is composed of a 600 square feet ground floor retail shop selling fashion and lifestyle products curatorially selected from Japan, with a 400 square feet mezzanine dedicated to be office, which will be occasionally open to public for art exhibitions.

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