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HOUTH – Ho Wan Chun, Huang Chi Teng — Taipei, Taiwan

"We design new solutions to solve problems in better and more creative ways. Despite being based in Taiwan, we don't just consider the local or Chinese market; we try to incorporate many world perspectives into our design. It's important to convey precise messages through creative design and highly imaginative stories."

HOUTH is a playful studio based in Taipei, Taiwan that flexibly integrates creativity, design, illustration, visual graphics, and resources to create fresh solutions for their clients. Behind the design is art director and illustrator Ho Wan Chun and creative director and photographer Huang Chi Teng. HOUTH designers appreciate simple, pure things, and interpret "this hilarious world" through a unique perspective. They strongly believe there are no rules to follow in life; instead, there are only choices. Inspiration always comes from real life experience. The two H's in 'HOUTH' represents the two co-founders, while 'OUT' represents their desire to transcend established systems or frameworks.

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