Joseph Ernst (London, UK)

"Anything that can provoke people to question something is interesting to me. And the most memorable way of questioning things is to make fun of/with them — to expose the irony, the idiocy, the hypocrisy behind modern behaviour and values in a fun, light-hearted way."


Joseph Ernst (London, UK)


An Anglo-Portuguese creative director, Ernst studied architecture at The Bartlett in London, later joining a series of large agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and 4Creative, where he produced work for the likes of Nike, Levis, Audi and Coca-Cola. He has also earned plaudits as a director, a video-installation artist and publisher, whose artworks continue to be exhibited across the world, in galleries stretching from Berlin to Tokyo.

Joseph Ernst (London, UK)

IdN v18n6: Humorous Design p28-29

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