Kashiwa Sato (Tokyo, Japan)

"In Japan, we are in a situation where we cannot respond to the category and genre classifications for international awards and such-like by traditional means and we are looking for solutions in that respect.


Kashiwa Sato (Tokyo, Japan)


Born in Tokyo, Kashiwa Sato established his own design studio 'Samurai' in 2000, and began offering art direction and design solutions to industry tycoons such as Honda and TBC, from product development to advertising campaign such as Kirin Beer and Kirin Beverages, as well as creating amazing music artwork for bands such as SMAP and Mr Children. Sato is also involved in branding and interior design for Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi.

Kashiwa Sato (Tokyo, Japan)

IdN v17n5: Wayfinding+Signage p68-69

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