Lemongraphic - Rayz Ong (Singapore, Singapore)

Project 365 (2010): Information posters for Project 365 Graphical degree Project 2010. Each pyramids represents the amount of data collected for each month and the colors is categorized in 12 different months. A statistics charts is accompany by the poster to create an overview of information of the design.


Lemongraphic - Rayz Ong (Singapore, Singapore)


Lemongraphic was established in 2007 by Rayz Ong, who has a strong passion for multimedia design. Lemongraphic is a multimedia design house dedicated to help small to medium sized businesses prosper online by offering professional web design and development services.

Lemongraphic - Rayz Ong (Singapore, Singapore)

IdN Extra 07: Infographics p122-123

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