Studio Spass — Jaron Korvinus, Daan Mens — Zig Zag City — Rotterdam, Netherlands

As part of the Zig Zag City identity Studio Spass made a series of 100 unique posters designs to visualize diverse routes and ways of wandering. Architecture festival Zig Zag City is an expedition through Rotterdam, a journey of the more unexpected places in town. In this edition the festival focuses on the Hoogkwartier, an area that was rebuilt after the Rotterdam blitz and which urban design is unique in the Netherlands.

Studio Spass is a Rotterdam-based agency that works across print, branding, web and spatial design projects as well as animation and photography. Founded by Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens in 2008, the studio combines a rigorous, considered and intelligent approach with a playful sensibility.

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