Thorunn Arnadottir (London, UK)

"Icelandic style is very playful. Our designers are quite conscious of their cultural heritage and often deliberately try to illustrate their cultural identity through design. Personally, I am interested in different cultures, but in order to get a good perspective I think it’s important for me to also know my own culture well."


Thorunn Arnadottir (London, UK)


Thorunn Arnadottir is an Icelandic designer living in London. Her multi-disciplinary work spans a host of different topics and techniques, driven by experimentation and deep research into cultural origins and human interactions. Essentially, she hopes to encourage the user to look beyond their regular assumptions of an object or a system by asking questions about our society and the culture we live in.

Thorunn Arnadottir (London, UK)

IdN v19n3: The Line Issue p78-79

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