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Vision Desire – Jack Lau, Beatrix Chow, Vincent Fu — Hong Kong

"We're based in Hong Kong, so we don't only design with huaren [Chinese-speaking] consumers in mind. However, a lot of our projects take advantage of the riches in huaren culture to show how fabulous, unique, and abundant design can be when the East meets the West."

Vision Desire is bound by creativity, and is dedicated to unveiling interesting materials and the concepts that lie behind them. The two year old studio was founded by three self-proclaimed "weirdos" — Jack Lau, Beatrix Chow, and Vincent Fu. "When we bond together, we are stronger" is their mantra. While they may be new to the industry, they have already managed to make their mark, winning four awards for their work in just one month in 2015. Though the multidisciplinary studio does not believe in boundaries, they seem to be naturally developing specializations in motion graphics, 3D animation, and UI/UX design.

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