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Weestar Studio — Beijing, China

Bound with naked-spine book binding and limited to just four colors, the various chapters and modules in "In Search of New Orientalism & Aesthetics" are separated by different qualities of paper. The chapter titles come from a study by Chinese cinema expert Timmy Yip of a non-identified character from the Qing Dynasty.

Weestar Studio was founded by the designer Weestar, who also serves as the studio's Art Director. Weestar Studio provides visual solutions for cultural projects, independent artists, and commercial brands. The studio focuses on visual design as the link across diverse disciplines and media. Whether it is working with a rambunctious artist, participating as an artist or a collaboration in an event, working with established commercial brands, or as a designer for public spaces, the end result is always an integration of diverse aspirations. Weestar Studio ceaselessly explores the relationship between human behavior, vision, mental state, and design as informed by, and oftentimes transcending, traditional aesthetics.

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