• Shawn Soh
    Shawn Soh

    Shawn created 18 illustrations that convey Singapore’s complex social system with a focus on its harmonious multi-racial culture are printed on tiles with reference from traditional Peranakan designs.

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  • Kyle Poff
    Kyle Poff

    Featuring detailed vivid patterns, shapes and colours, Kyle’s bold packaging statement is bound to grab attention. It’s up to the company’s chocolate and the customer’s taste-buds to do the rest.

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  • Kir Rostovsky
    Kir Rostovsky

    “I had no idea that ironing milk would give this effect,” he said. “I’ve heard of people dyeing with and painting with coffee, but this was totally new to me. I didn’t think I’d have the patience to create something like this. I like how the milk gives an effect that’s similar to painting with watercolours.”

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  • Propagandism

    The work of Propagandism is based on public opinion and served as a daily reminder to value of basics of human interaction, which structured with elements of graphic minimalistic color fields and typographical experimentation.

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  • Grundini – Peter Grundy
    Grundini – Peter Grundy

    Information graphics are often dry and uninviting and how to make over-dosed informative data look visually attractive in a minimalist style is a challenging task for most designers. Peter Grundy, however, is one with the rare ability to take complex and sometimes perplexing information and present it as a series of simple but elegant visual messages through his illustrations.

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  • Sam Falconer
    Sam Falconer

    “Faces are everything to humans, both in the way we convey emotions and interact with each other. I think that this makes portraits unavoidably engaging and it’s one of the first things that a lot of us draw as kids. I think an illustrated portrait can add real beauty to an area in which a stock image may not, and of course characterisation can add comment to a piece that may not be as viable with straight photography.”

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  • Paul Blow
    Paul Blow

    “The other day I watched my 10-year-old son drawing an image of Bart Simpson. He was repeatedly looking and drawing, looking and drawing. I also noticed that he spent more time looking than he did drawing, and I thought to myself, ‘He’s got it right’. Truly seeing what is in front of you is fundamental, even if it is only copying a comic.”

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  • Charis Tsevis
    Charis Tsevis

    “In portraiture, lighting is everything. It illuminates, sculpts and highlights a face. I like to use my brushes and other software or hardware tools as ‘light chisels’ to draw attention to the parts of the face that could send a message and express feeling.”

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  • Tsto

    “My advice to young creatives is to be honest with themselves, work hard and remember not to take things too seriously. Things are definitely taking a huge turn towards looking at things from a global perspective. No more hibernating in Helsinki!”

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  • Janine Rewell
    Janine Rewell

    “It’s important to concentrate and develop your personal style, but once you’ve reached a professional level it’s good to start playing with it — shuffling the pack and reaching for your personal dreams and projects and not getting stuck in client-based working routines.”

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  • Atelier Ivorin – Orin Ivan Vrkaš
    Atelier Ivorin – Orin Ivan Vrkaš

    “Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s project ‘Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far’ and the many professional and personal experiences and turmoil in the first year since my graduation from the Zagreb School of Design, I created a series of 3D minimalist typographic posters illustrating the simple maxims and thoughts I had come to perceive.”

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  • Zero Per Zero
    Zero Per Zero

    “City Railway System”, an ongoing project, presents a whole new approach to bringing out the identity of a city in a practical guide to its underground transport system. The soul, the culture and the unique character of the metropolis take precedence over the mundane matter of simply helping travellers get from A to B.

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  • Peter von Freyhold
    Peter von Freyhold

    The calendar strips Freyhold had created can be collected to create a colour-matching fan using a book-binding screw. The dates are printed in silver. The German edition is published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. There will be an new designed international edition of the color swatch calendar for 2015 available in September by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz.

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  • Heike Weber
    Heike Weber

    Typical swirls and floral elements are sketched with stringy white silicone and Weber brings life to the repetitive lines that serve as the foundation of a traditional carpet. Displayed on the grounds of vaulted rooms, or sprawled across wood and stone, the white whorls make a dramatic impact. The symbolical reference of her silicone rugs is that they reflect the clash between East and West that she has experienced in her life.

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