• Jonathan Garrett
    Jonathan Garrett

    Based on the idea of using postcards from the couple’s travels to document their relationship as well as inviting guests to their wedding destination, Garrett has managed to make the invitation cards an honest statement of their love for each other as well as being aesthetically stunning at the same time.

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  • Kyungjin Kim
    Kyungjin Kim

    Using discarded material such as cardboard boxes and paper bags, Kim has come up with a selection of fonts with positive meaning and packed them in the form of an everyday toolbox. Users can assemble them easily into various fun toys.

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  • Yoni Alter
    Yoni Alter

    Skyscrapers that defy convention and crowded cityscapes such as those of London and New York that contain a mixture of old and new have inspired his work. Through screen prints, sculpture and a striking mural, Alter explores some of the capitals’ most iconic structures in bold multi-coloured tones.

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  • Lava Design
    Lava Design

    “A logo is just a signature. It’s not a brand. As designers, we create visual tools for a client to tell a story with. A brand nowadays is more about creating a behaviour and atmosphere that people can relate to. This way of thinking is quite new in our work as designers, I think.”

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  • Khyati Trehan
    Khyati Trehan

    Mainly focusing on typography as well as illustration, Khyati Trehan has managed to integrate seemingly unrelated forms deeply into her design process. She refused to “settle down” with a single working style, but applies an innovative aesthetic approach that reflects her personality to every project.

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  • Andrew Archer
    Andrew Archer

    “With portraiture, facial expression really is everything. I love the more comical, over-the-top approach. The look on someone’s face sets the tone for the entire image, right from the early rough sketches. It’s essential for re-enforcing the mood or subject of the article.”

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  • Lotta Nieminen
    Lotta Nieminen

    “Beautiful colour combinations are one of my biggest influences and can be the whole starting point to an illustration or a design piece. I like to take snapshots of colour combos and use them later in my work. I like to draw my inspiration from things that aren’t from my own field and I also think the fact that I work in both illustration and graphic design shows – when I illustrate, I like to get inspired by graphic design, and vice versa.”

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  • Tymote

    “Love is the main driving force for becoming a good graphic designer and what I like about being a professional designer is the opportunity if affords to come into contact with beautiful things and their creators. Applying more love in your design than anyone else is the ‘golden ticket’ to becoming a successful designer.”

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  • Podpunkt

    'Bridges Over The Vistula' is not a typical memory game – its pairs are not identical, but well-known cultural duos such as Batman and The Joker, Darth Vader and Luke, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes, illustrated on playing-type cards. It is a fine test of your knowledge of icons of the silver screen.

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  • Notegraphy

    The Notegraphy interface enables you to customize a tweet-length message with style. The app is packed with inspirational quotes and jokes, currently offering 40 different layouts in 3 variations each designed by various designers from around the world. Notegraphy is an armoury of artistic delights for your daily pleasure.

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  • Matt Luckhurst
    Matt Luckhurst

    Matt's book 'Paul Bunyan And Babe The Blue Ox: The Great Pancake Adventure' was published in 2012 to considerable acclaim and he was recognised as a “Young Gun 2012”, as well as by The Art Directors Club and the Type Directors Club, with work appearing in Graphis, Design Quarterly, Print Magazine, Communications Arts, Applied Arts and others. His influences range from Cubism to an array of design legends.

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  • Koh Min Yu
    Koh Min Yu

    FIVE (a design project using Phaidon Press as a mock client) is a handsome collection aims to construct an inter-active experience for readers to discover what the future may hold in store for them.

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  • Chineasy – Shao Lan Hsueh
    Chineasy – Shao Lan Hsueh

    Learning written Chinese is a daunting task for foreigners, requiring a knowledge of several thousand characters to achieve basic literacy (although the language itself has many tens of thousands). Telling them apart and memorising them all will take the average Chinese schoolkid half a dozen years, so goodness knows how long it could take a part-time non-Chinese student.

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  • Paul X. Johnson
    Paul X. Johnson

    “I love working from a written piece because my brain naturally starts forming visual images. My notes give me a platform to be able to think more deeply about possible ideas. I’m always in my own head, thinking about something.”

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  • David Foldvari
    David Foldvari

    “I’ve never found it that hard to keep ideas flowing. I buy cheap notebooks, which I fill full of shit drawings and pretentious ideas, and then I go through it all to filter out the good from the bad, and that feeds my work endlessly.”

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  • Woland

    “Finland is a great place for immersing successful designers, maybe because of its lack of beaches and good surfing spots! Well, at least the long winters provide us with ample time to spend indoors brooding over designs and plans and ideas. There is a long history of functional and rather minimalist design in Finland, but where does the creative energy stem from? I have to admit that that still remains somewhat of a mystery to me.”

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