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Jonathan Calugi — Pistoia, Italy

“Minimalism is something hard to understand but easy to say. Like the word ‘love’, just four letters that can mean so many different things. Minimalism is a sort of unconventional language where you reduce the use of words, like poetry. It’s a sort of mental idea where you decide to reduce the use of words to describe a word.”

Jonathan Calugi, a young illustrator from Pistoia in Italy, is the man behind Happyloverstown. Whenever you come across his work, it will instantly bring a smile to your face. His signature style is what at first appears to be child-like doodling, but a closer look will reveal a world of intricate, carefully crafted patterns and eccentric geometric forms. Calugi’s world encompasses anything from fonts to T-shirts, and never fails to send out a positive, encouraging message – in stark contrast with what can be a messy and rather perplexing world at times.

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