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Somewhere Else — Singapore

There is a stronger entrepreneur scene in Singapore within the past decade, more people are opening cafes, restaurants, new businesses or going into technology start-ups. Hence, the designer now has to be able to better marry design with commerce. These clients usually have a design sense, so designers need to have better business sense to be able to better advise young clients who see commissioning a designer as more of a partnership.

“Somewhere Else” captures this team’s spirit of always wanting to be anywhere but here and now – a better place, a better time. In effect, an abstract place that they will never actually arrive at – a neat summation of the firm’s ethos of constantly striving to create better work. Founder Yong spent nearly five years as senior designer at Asylum, where he crafted a wide spectrum of projects. And his work has gone on to receive both local and international awards, such as those of the One Show and the Art Directors’ Club, while many have been featured in publications around the world.

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