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Territory Studio — London, UK

“The unique aspect of creating fantasy UI and holograms for films is that they are designed to tell a story. This means that they need to be more emotive and contextual than real-world interfaces do. Prometheus provides one of my favourite examples. There is a scene where a character’s dreams are being monitored. With no real-world references, we have to extrapolate emotional tones that the director requires from the shot. In this case, Ridley Scott wanted a subversive, voyeuristic tone to the graphic, which inspired us to reference tentacles in the UI elements, to suggest a sinister intrusion.” – David Sheldon-Hicks, Executive Creative Director.

Driven by a passion for creative craft, Territory is dedicated to “the delivery of innovative and engaging motion-graphics projects across film, games and brands”. It “specialises in capturing the energy and excitement of dynamic narratives, bringing human depth to near-future and science-fiction technology, crafting stunning UI and VFX concepts that connect technology, entertainment and emotional engagement”.

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