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Pacifica — Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita, Filipe Mesquita — Porto, Portugal

A national flag is a powerful symbol of a country. It should include a form and colours that evoke a range of emotions, from fear to power. Part of this power comes from its permanence. But what if we could change it? We would like to re-think the Portuguese flag, currently associated with war and conquest (green represents the hope of the nation, and red the blood of those who died defending it). It would be an opportunity to conceptualise it in a more empathetic way, for the Portuguese and for those who visit us.

Pacifica is an award-winning design studio in Portugal. It says: “With a fresh spirit, we make integrated communication and differentiated projects” that have gained recognition and prizes. And it believes in “ideas, solving problems, embracing opportunities online, offline and everywhere in between”.

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