• Resonate Festival 2015: Belgrade
    Resonate Festival 2015: Belgrade

    Resonate festival in Belgrade is back for another year bringing artists together to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture. The fourth edition of Resonate festival taking place in Belgrade between 13th – 18th April 2015. Resonate brings together artists, designers and educators to participate in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

  • SYSTEM DESIGN – More than 100 years of Everyday Chaos
    SYSTEM DESIGN – More than 100 years of Everyday Chaos

    What do Lego bricks; underground networks and espresso cups have in common? Most of the time we don’t even notice them. They are all systems and they govern our everyday life. For many years, the system idea has been formative in the world of design. The exhibition SYSTEM DESIGN features over 100 years of design history oscillating between system and chaos with more than 100 exhibits by international designers such as Jonathan Ive, Otl Aicher, Charles and Ray Eames, Egon Eiermann, Marcel Breuer and Massimo Vignelli. Photo by Daniel Zakharov.

  • ISSUE Project Room – Matmos performance of Robert Ashley’s
    ISSUE Project Room – Matmos performance of Robert Ashley’s "Perfect Lives"

    ISSUE Project Room hosts a special benefit event featuring acclaimed electronics duo Matmos performing scenes from Robert Ashley's groundbreaking television-opera Perfect Lives. Perfect Lives (1978-83) is Robert Ashley’s opera “about” bank robbery, cocktail lounges, geriatric love, adolescent elopement, et al, in the American Midwest. One of the definitive text-sound compositions of the late 20th century, it has been called a comic opera about reincarnation.

  • Guangzhou Design Week 2014
    Guangzhou Design Week 2014

    “To Promote Design by Business” as mission, Guangzhou Design Week is running the operation mode of “365+3(days)”, which means 3-day fair and 365-day intensive B2B business events and branding promotion! This year, Guangzhou Design Week will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou PWTC Expo on 5-7 DEC. More than 300 design brands from 20 countries will showcase their work in the exhibition. With more than 8-year operating history, Guangzhou Design Week has become the most influential and largest annual commercial activity in the Chinese design industry.

  • Inno Design Tech Expo 2014 by HKTDC
    Inno Design Tech Expo 2014 by HKTDC

    Inno Design Tech Expo is coming back in December this year to innovate your business thinking. Not only showcasing the talents of local designers, there are also global creatives from the Chinese mainland, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan etc. To celebrate their 10th year, they have invited Sweden to be the Partner Country and presents the seamless integration of design and our daily lives under the theme “Living Design”. The new Invention Zone & Creative Entrepreneurship will inspire you with the most innovative ideas and technology from around the world, including latest 3D printing technologies. An event not to be missed!

  • Singapore International Film Festival 2014
    Singapore International Film Festival 2014

    The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore. Founded in 1987, the festival has become an iconic event in the Singapore arts calendar that is widely attended by international film critics, and recognized worldwide for its focus on Asian filmmakers and the promotion of Southeast Asian films. The SGIFF is committed to nurture and champion Singaporean talents in the art of filmmaking and brings to the city, the highest standard for the enrichment of cultural life in Singapore.

  • Gran Salon Mexico 2014
    Gran Salon Mexico 2014

    Gran Salon Mexico is an annual illustration fair serving as a showcase, point of dissemination, and definitive reference for the burgeoning world of drawing and illustration in Mexico today. In November 2014, it will have its first edition in Mexico City, held at Centro de Cultura Digital, where in addition to a long list of Mexican illustrators, it will feature lectures, workshops, films, portfolio reviews, and it will be an important networking space. Also, it its first edition, Gran Salon Mexico will feature a guest Fair from Argentina, Sudestada.

  • The Transform Conference 2014
    The Transform Conference 2014

    The Transform conference brings together experts to examine and discuss the most pressing and relevant issues relating to brand development in the Asia Pacific region. In Hong Kong on 19 NOV speakers from across the world will provide delegates with valuable insights on their brand development journeys. The day will provide entertaining presentations of how your brand can incorporate audio into its marketing strategy or font match Latin and Chinese scripts. Delegates will also hear case studies of success stories and will be invited to ask questions and share their own insights during the panel discussions. This is an event not to be missed.

  • Australian Design Biennale 2014
    Australian Design Biennale 2014

    Australia’s leading design body, the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), will host the 2014 Australian Design Biennale (ADB20) in Hobart from 13-16 NOV. Produced by ADGA in collaboration with Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), the Australian Design Biennale is a rare opportunity for designers from all across the country to network and learn from each other. The centrepiece of the Biennale is the 2014 AGDA Design Awards ceremony, a celebration of the design industry's best and brightest, taking place on the Saturday evening 15 NOV at Peppermint Bay.

  • Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2014
    Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2014

    With the curated theme of "Living Architecture," the 18th Microwave is having its grand opening on 7th November this year. Revolving around city, technology, and life, Microwave has invited multiple world known artists and scholars to come to Hong Kong with their latest media art works and projects. The programme this year comprises a series of exhibitions, artist talks, film screenings, and workshops that gives audience an experience of being dazed and allured by techno-arts and insights of the interaction between cityscape, green architecture, and political climate.

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat and Friends: Photographs by Roland Hagenberg
    Jean-Michel Basquiat and Friends: Photographs by Roland Hagenberg

    The exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat and friends: Photographs by Roland Hagenberg” is presented at Sin Sin Fine Art’s two venues: The Basquiat images at 54 Sai Street and next door at Nr. 53 Hagenberg’s portraits of other artists, that shaped the art world of New York three decades ago. All images are accompanied by small anecdotes that Hagenberg wrote to explain the situation when the photographs originated – mostly in an intimate and trustful environment.

  • Hear From 25 International Creatives at DesignThinkers 2014
    Hear From 25 International Creatives at DesignThinkers 2014

    DesignThinkers features visionaries from the worlds of advertising, film, TV, retail, publishing, branding, type, infographics, social media and government. The campaign for this year's conference, developed by TAXI with illustration by Andrew Kolb, is premised upon 'The Awakening'. Designers are descendants of an extra-terrestrial race that must evolve in our ever-changing world or be rendered obsolete. DesignThinkers 2014 will be a mass reprogramming of minds drawn from out-of-this-world inspiration.

  • Nick Thomm first New York solo exhibition:  Tropic Glows
    Nick Thomm first New York solo exhibition: Tropic Glows

    New York based, Australian artist, Nick Thomm is going to have his first New York solo exhibition, Tropic Glows, on November 6. Taking over a two story space in the Lower East Side, the artist – lauded for his signature new media style – will present a new collection of large scale, mixed media works on transparent Perspex, kaleidoscopic neon silk flags, holographic skate decks and a series of new 3D video works.

  • MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival 2014
    MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival 2014

    The MIRA festival is an international placeholder in the visual arts calendar bringing new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic collaborations are fostered. What differentiates MIRA from other festivals and cultural activities, is the ability to interweave the visual and music elements to transform them into a unique and immersive experience for the public. MIRA creates genuine sensory experiences.

  • Design Discourse: Austria – South Africa
    Design Discourse: Austria – South Africa

    This year's World Design Capital is Cape Town. AustriaDesignNet, a network of Austria's leading design institutions, will be presenting the vivid Austrian design culture in Cape Town. Within the exhibition "Design Discourse: Austria – South Africa" by curators Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke, also known as design duo chmara.rosinke, more than 40 Austrian design objects will be opposed to about 30 South African objects, promoting to learn from each other, work with each other, and dispel the misconceptions they have about each other.

  • RKS Sessions: Designing for Function and Style
    RKS Sessions: Designing for Function and Style

    Whether it's designing a line of furniture or envisioning a new office or retail space for a client, Bernard Brucha and his team continue to hone their unique process of design while working with clients like Pinterest, Yelp, Capital One and AOL. Join the session on 04 NOV as Bernard Brucha, the founder of the multidisciplinary firm MASHstudios, speaks about the process of designing for functionality in interior and furniture design.

  • 20 Years Büro Destruct & 50 Years Uldry
    20 Years Büro Destruct & 50 Years Uldry

    Founded in 1994, Büro Destruct is a trailblazing creative collective at the cutting-edge of Swiss graphic design. In a nutshell, Büro Destruct strengths lie in futuristic and digital graphic solutions that are both skilfully crafted and effortlessly clever. With the concept book «Tribler», Büro Destruct is exploring new territory once again, while at the same time going back to its roots. On the occasion of Büro Destruct's anniversary and together with the book there also will be released a new poster series called «Tribler» – designed by Büro Destruct an printed by the legendary silk screen printers Uldry.

  • mono.kultur: Dialogues in Print
    mono.kultur: Dialogues in Print

    mono.kultur is pleased to announce their first ever retrospective exhibition of sorts, on the funky Chinatown premises of Kessels Kramer Gallery Los Angeles, in collaboration with Georgiev & Trinder Curatorial, to open on 1 NOV, 2014. Consider "mono.kultur: Dialogues in Print" an opportunity to experience some of the ups and downs of independent publishing.



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