Dapper Dan Issue 12 — Autumn/Winter 2015 — Athens, Greece

"We believe that a man’s style is something that derives from his own personality, not from ephemeral 'trends'."

Dapper Dan hits the shelves with its 12th issue, in which menswear designer Thom Browne muses on life and death, hairstylist Luigi Murenu shows us that fashion is game with rules to be broken, and performance artist Maria Hassabi talks about the paradox of stillness in movement. There’s also a feature from journalist John Jefferson Selve in which he champions author Mathieu Terrence as the savior of French literature, plus a clue-hunting essay on the enigmatic world of urban Greek folk musician Kostis Bezos. Added to this are an interview with young designer Charles Jeffrey, an exploration of Hedi Slimane’s saturnine style for Saint Laurent and a Bacchanalian wander through the history of Greek wine.

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