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IdN v21n1: Printed Effects Special — The Printed Matters

There are so many things that print can do that digital media can’t. Its tactile qualities, even the sound and smell of paper and ink, make printed matter unique and timeless. But whoever said that print and digital cannot co-exist? Most designers today work with both and prove that digital need not be its enemy but, rather, a collaborator.


Motion Gallery: Seamless Transition
Feature: Effects Special
Creative Country: Uruguay
Branding: Edible Graphics
Studio: It’s all about Aesthetics
Glitch: Art of the Imperfect
Product Review: Hottest Designed-related Products


100 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination + gold foiling
Online access to included

Feature: Effects Special

Why Print still Matters

If you are reading this with an actual magazine in your hands, you have probably already answered this question. Physical printing techniques are endlessly inventive. Fragrances have been added, Pantone was used, then the sheen of a gloss drip-off, spot UV, the play of matte etch, the vibrancy and detail of high-gamut metallic inks, foiling, embossing, die-cuts, not to mentioned a whole variety of bindings. All designed to enhance and complement the finished publication and demonstrate the uniqueness of the designer’s art.

We have interviewed 15 creatives who are all devotedly wedded to print. They love the smell, the touch, the sound of hard-copy publications and the endless possibilities they offer for embellishment and innovation. Read on – for a detailed explanation and some stunning examples of what can be done with it.


Anonymous | Büro für Design Fabian Greiser | Confetti Studio | ENZED | Homework | Joe Shouldice | Jon Hannan | Kolektiv Studio | Maria Fischer | MURMURE | RoAndCo | Tommy Perez | Trapped in Suburbia | Work in Progress | Yurko Gutsulyak

Motion Gallery: Seamless Transition

Going with the flow

Seamless transition is more than just a technical term in the post-production process of modern motion-capture. It cuts to the heart of contemporary animation and story-telling with special-effects. How to hold a viewer’s interest while segueing as naturally as possible from one scene or one image to the next? Three leading exponents of this art explain the tricks of their trade and what gives their work such fantastic fluidity.


18Bis | Golden Wolf | Masanobu Hiraoka and more!

Creative City: Uruguay

Small but perfectly formed

South America’s second-smallest country often lives in the shadow of its two big-brother neighbours, Argentina and Brazil. Yet it is an economic success story, despite a few recent bumps along the road that have led to many of its immigrant-descended artists to seek work abroad. High costs and lack of resources have forced those who have stayed to become more flexible and they pride themselves on being able to rise to any design challenge. You will be impressed by their work and intrigued by their words.


Amater Type | Atolon de Mororoa | Bruster Special | Emiliano Martinez | Fermin Guerrero | I + D Diseño | Re-Robot

Branding: Edible Graphics

How to make your Brand Tastes Good?

Burgerac | Savvy

Studio: It’s all about Aesthetics

Ariane Spanier | Des Signes | Index Studio | Trapped in Suburbia | Supermundane

Glitch: Art of the Imperfect

Irina Kopytina | Design Reform Council – Hear Here | Tyler Spangler | Fanakalo

Product Review: Hottest Designed-related Products

Fashionary | Matchcarden | Naked

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