Art&Graft — The Road to Rio (0:40)

Campaign to showcase The National Lottery and ITV’s support of Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The National Lottery / ITV

Creative Director — Mike Moloney
Head of Animation — Clement Bolla
Head of 3D — Martin Salfity
Art Director — Stephen Middleton
Producer — Tom Bromwich

Illustration — Colin Bigelow, Clement Bolla, Stephen Middleton, Guitty Mojabi, Jim Wheeler
Character Animation — Clement Bolla, Ricardo David, Ellie Dupont, Sunil Kumar, Florian Mounie, Vincent Techer
Animation — Clement Bolla, Nicolas Canticus, Joe Maker, Stephen Middleton, Sam Munnings, Martin Salfity, Jim Wheeler
Print Artworker — Stephen Everett

Music — Nothing But Love by James, BMG Rights Management
Sound Design — Grand Central Studios

ITN Productions
Executive Producer — Jemma Cassey
Campaign Producer — Jennifer Collins

Executive Creative Director — Tony Pipes
Creative Director — Anton Ezer
Campaign Manager — Heena Jivan
Marketing Manager — Natasha Reddy

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