Michael Waldron — The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 (2:23)

Sharing Art in Motion

The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 is a motion graphics piece directed by Michael Waldron and created by a group of artists from around the world. It debuted at Motion Conference 2015 in Santa Fe. The idea was to create a piece of art that you share with another artist. That artist has to figure out how to seamlessly transition into their piece and then they hand off their work to another artist. This repeats until the final animation is complete.

The Artists & Studios:
Michael Waldron
John Camalick/Super Fresh
Gerald Mark Soto
Justin Harder
Jonas & Co.
Transistor Studios
Kurt Hartman
Dae Hyuk Park
Sung I. Sohn
Jie Yun Roe
Daniel Coutinho
STATE Design
Ben Kahle
John Wilkinson

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