Roof Studio — American Express MSNBC (0:25)

Energetic and dynamic spot for AmEx and MSNBC

Client: American Express
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Production: Roof Studio

Roof Studio:
Creative Directors: Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Producer: Jess Pierik
Design : Vinicius Costa and Eric Pautz
Modeling: Shane O'Hara, Flavio Mac, and Vinicius Valente
Animation : Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes, Guto Terni
Render: Pedro Kobuti, Vinicius Costa and Vinicius Valente
Compositing: Guto Terni, Pedro Kobuti
Music: Future Perfect
SFX and Mix: Mixtape Club

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creative Director / Design Director : Lucas Carmargo
Creative Director / Copywriter: Justin Via
Senior Art Director: Joao Paz
Copywriter: Holden Rasche
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Lucas
Senior Content Producer: Jessica Fiore
Music Producer - Chris Mazur
Account Supervisor: Lauren Truppo
Account Executive: Catherine Seeger

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