Sarofsky — One Fabulous Fucking Filter (2:05)

OFFF Mexico 2015 Main Titles

"A dream that started a year ago, finally came true today. Erin Sarofsky and her team left me speechless. The titles literally gave each artist and attendee an adrenaline rush, which is the reaction that keeps the Festival going for many years to come."

Client: OFFF / OFFF Mexico
OFFF Global Festival Director: Héctor Ayuso
OFFF Mexico Artistic Director: Josué Ibáñez

Design and Production Company: Sarofsky
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Producer: Michael Burke
Production Coordinator: Madeline Miller
Lead Designers: Duarte Elvas, Chris Salvador, Tnaya Witmer
Designers: Brent Austin, Zach Landau, Jake Mathew, Madeline Miller, Bhakti Patel, Sara Jean Potts, Glenn Urieta, Katrina Zimmerman
Editor: Michael Burke

Music & Sound: Groove Guild
Composer: Paul Riggio

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