ADP: A multi layered book about traveling, girls, mountains, love and adventure! — Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Archivo De Pivo is an autonomous book about the world. It transforms personal memories, dreams, fantasies, ideas, stories and travel experiences into a new borderless universe. The writer plays with the truth and fiction and is not concerned about objectivity or accuracy. It is an open hearted, warm, layered and vibrating view on the world. Ivo Schmetz has written, photographed, designed and published the whole book himself. During normal work days he is busy with his design studio 310k ( or record label Basserk ( but this project was his own and he has kept a secret until it was completely finished. He worked on it for more then 3 years, quietly behind his laptop during the nights or with a hangover in the weekend. The result is this: a book that is coming straight from the heart, full of joy, energy, inspiration and personal feelings!

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