As Types Grow Older – Re-issuring 'Sadness' and 'Grimoire' — Cologne, Germany

Felix Braden’s very first typefaces 'Sadness' and 'Grimoire' have just been published in new and revised versions at Myfonts. After the tragic end of the established Fountain Type Foundry he had to ask himself the following question: Is there still any justification for the existence of his 20 year old fonts? 'Sadness' was based on experiments during his stay at the Trier College of Design, 'Grimoire' on the other hand combines two seemingly contradicting principles – calligraphic and constructive ideas – and makes them work together. The font is based on a modular system but simulates a handwritten typeface. Both fonts are available for €5 at Myfonts with a introductory discount of 80% until 19 MAY.

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