RECOGNITION by Fabrica — Artificial Intelligence innovation — London/Treviso

Tate Britain, in partnership with Microsoft, launches RECOGNITION by Angelo Semeraro, Coralie Gourguechon, Monica Lanaro and Isaac Vallentin from Fabrica, winner of IK Prize 2016 for digital innovation. RECOGNITION is an artificial intelligence programme that compares up-to-the-minute photojournalism from Reuters with British art from the Tate collection. Until 27 NOV 2016, RECOGNITION will create an ever-expanding virtual gallery by searching through Tate’s archive and collection of British art online, comparing works with news images from Reuters based on visual and thematic similarities. Viewers around the world will be able to learn why the artificial intelligence programme selected each match. They will able to share their favourite matches online, looking at whether a machine can help us to look at the world anew through the lens of art.

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