• Family Design Co.
    Family Design Co.

    A precious little design studio based in New Zealand, Family Design Company draws inspiration from heritage themes, offering quirky creative explorations, and a taste of what it’s like to do business with family.

  • NOOKA Zub Zibi Zirc
    NOOKA Zub Zibi Zirc

    With a snug fit that appeals to anyone who prefers a tighter, edited profile for their watch, broadening Nooka's audience to include a younger individual of either gender. Framed under a facetted gem-cut lens, the watch's innovative face clearly displays the minute, surrounded by a circle with twelve partitions representing the hour—presenting a compact and intuitive way to read the time.

  • OE Issue No.6: Master of my Universe is out now!
    OE Issue No.6: Master of my Universe is out now!

    'Master of My Universe' is a devotion to elegance and experimentation, paying homage to the fantasy reel unraveling in the minds of OE's collaborating photographers, stylists, hair & make-up artists. Diverse yet coherent, Issue 6 helmed by OE Magazine’s new Fashion Director Sebastiano Ragusa, features over 100 up-and-coming German labels whose stories you’ll want to follow.

  • tokidoki x K11 International Art Project!
    tokidoki x K11 International Art Project!

    The crew at IdN attended the launch party of tokidoki x K11 International Art Project at the very first 'art-deco' shopping mall — "K11" in Tsim Sha Tsui. It featured works from tokidoki (Simone Legno) who's animated and comic inspired illustrations and artwork launched other collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Le Sportsac and Levi's. For those who missed out, K11 Art Mall will still be showcasing some of his artwork as well as a 5-meter custom made sculpture titled "Caesar".

  • UTS's u.lab presents GROUNDBREAKER
    UTS's u.lab presents GROUNDBREAKER

    A new format of design-led innovation is being run by the u.lab from the University of Technology, Sydney in conjunction with Object Gallery in Surry Hills. GROUNDBREAKER aims to show local organisations how to benefit from design thinking applications through a series of public and private workshops, from 27 JUN to 17 AUG 2012. Over the two-month period, participants and UTS researchers will participate in ten workshops and numerous public events to collectively create a cloud of new knowledge. Interaction in the workshops is open to all!

  • TOFU & VIOLENCE: an exhibition of paintings and photographs by Claire Lee
    TOFU & VIOLENCE: an exhibition of paintings and photographs by Claire Lee

    Claire Lee would like to explore how our souls might express a spiritual strength and quality in times of pain. The project is inspired by tofu, a metaphor of a gentleness and nonviolence against violence. A set of 3 books Tofu & Violence will be available for purchase at PubArt Gallery between 25OCT - 16 NOV and all proceeds after publishing costs will be donated to RainLily to support their service for sexual violence survivors. Let’s explore the life philosophy of Tofu with Claire.

  • Verene Krydsby: Illustrator
    Verene Krydsby: Illustrator

    Verene Krydsby is an illustrator from Bergen, Norway. She studied graphic design at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies and animation at Volda University College. Verene loves to draw, paint and mix with Photoshop to create amazing images.

  • New works from Tina Berning
    New works from Tina Berning

    The ever-talented Tina Berning has spent the chilly Berlin winter months busily working away at a variety of projects in her studio. CWC is happy to share some of her more recent commercial works, including NY Times Up Front: "Weekly Portraits"; Conde Nast Traveler: "Paris Underneath It All" and much much more!

  • Radium Audio for MGM Idents
    Radium Audio for MGM Idents

    Radium is asked to craft Leo's brand new voice for the latest MGM ident, and what better way to do justice to the most iconic animal onscreen since 1916 than to fly to South Africa to capture the real voices of his faraway cousins!

  • Qubique Tradeshow: 26-29 OCT 2011
    Qubique Tradeshow: 26-29 OCT 2011

    For the firs time in history QUBIQUE will be showcasing a range of international furniture brands such as Artek, Established & Sons, Bolon, Quinze & Milan and many more at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The event will also feature an assortment of lighting and musical concepts, side stores and high quality catering. Fore more info click on the website below!

  • Datarock: Catcher in the Rye
    Datarock: Catcher in the Rye

    Datarock challenges the current music industry methods and models of selling music with 'The most extravagant single in history'. Their new single 'Catcher in the Rye' will be released in an USB stick encased in a small toy containing 1500 pictures, 60 minutes of concert footage, 20 music videos and 110 tracks!

  • Asia Awards 2014 - Entry Deadline 31 JUL
    Asia Awards 2014 - Entry Deadline 31 JUL

    Tokyo Designers Week (TDW), organized by Design Association NPO (Japan) is glad to announce the continuation of the 'ASIA AWARDS', a comprehensive creative award project, established last year to gather all the young creative and high-quality power from Asia and around the world in the center of Tokyo. It aims to become a platform for students and young designers to help them develop their capabilities to excel on the global stage. "ASIA AWARDS" is composed of two main contents, the 'SCHOOL EXHIBITION' & the 'YOUNG CREATORS EXHIBITION' which have showcased so far more than 6,000 teams of students and young designers from both inside and outside Japan.

  • Christopher Lee Sauvé Presents THE POP CULT CLUB
    Christopher Lee Sauvé Presents THE POP CULT CLUB

    Canadian-born designer Christopher Lee Sauvé presents THE POP CULT CLUB SS15 for the New York Fashion Week. "My artwork takes a critical view of popular culture with an emphasis on the fashion world. In my work, I deconstruct icons, and cartoons that are part of our childhood and honor the rebel. Having engaged subjects as diverse as punk rock music, and modernist iconography, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces."



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