• UNOMAS Motiongraphic Studio for STOMAKO
    UNOMAS Motiongraphic Studio for STOMAKO

    UNOMAS is a motion-graphic studio based in Spain. The duo comprising of Ruben and Enric has recently completed a promo video for STOMAKO, a Spanish video cooking portal for dummies! The team at UNOMAS is accustomed to work remotely and on locations – from New York to Sydney, Barcelona, and even Myanmar.

  • Haruki Higashi - Artist, Art Director
    Haruki Higashi - Artist, Art Director

    Haruki Higashi is an artist and the Art Director at Loworks Inc. – a creative studio based in Tokyo, Japan. Although small in size, the studio is responsive for many creative works for international clients including Nike, WWF and Marlboro. The works of Higashi are always fresh – receiving numerous design awards including BDA Gold, FWA, Yahoo Creative Awards to name a few. At 2013, he has started a new studio “HOWLT” to work on his own project.

  • HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013: DFAA and HKYDTA
    HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013: DFAA and HKYDTA

    The HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013 will be held at 17:00 on 05 DEC 2013 (Thursday) at JockeyClub Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This year, a total of 120 awards, comprising 10 Grand Awards, 3 Special Awards, under four design disciplines in 18 categories, including Apparel and Accessory Design, Communication Design, Product and Industrial Design and Environmental Design. Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and Merit recognition are also bestowed to reflect the levels of design excellence.

  • Future Film Festival 2012
    Future Film Festival 2012

    The most important Italian event dedicated to animation and vfx will focus on "the end of the world" theme, according to the prophecies that look at this year as the fateful one for Planet Earth, and proposing a huge roundup of catastrophic movies, monsters and many other disasters on 35mm, like Titanic, many times mentioned in movies and that will turn 100 years in 2012. For its 14th edition Future Film Festival (27MAR - 01APR) will present many Italian premières of movies like Pirates by Peter Lord and Chronicle by Josh Trank. A whole session dedicated to stereo 3D will host Pixar and the brand new Brave movie clips. The focus this year's Festival will be on Brazilian Motion Graphics (featuring Molho, Beeld. and othe studios). In additional, IdN showcase a screening session on the best of video collection 2011!

  • "Cross Point" SHU Degree Show 2012

    No one was born with the knowledge that we later on acquired through a series of learning, experiencing, and comprehending with the fives senses we have. After four years of preparing, Shih Hsin University, Photography and Graphic Design are going to show the world how they utilize every skill they've acquired. Presented to you by Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing Department, 7-14 MAY at SHU College of Management and 19-30 MAY at Taipei Cultural Center.

  • Design Shanghai 2014
    Design Shanghai 2014

    Featuring leading international design brands, Design Shanghai will be held at Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 27 FEB to 02 MAR 2014 in Shanghai. More than 150 world-renowned design brands will be presented to Chinese audience, 90% of which have never seen before in China. Design Shanghai will be spread into Contemporary, Classic and Collectible halls, with overall area of 10,000 square meters in the stunning, newly renovated Russian-style Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Currently, Magis, Fritz Hansen, Se London, Boss Design, Amtico, Ginger & Jagger, Cole & Son, X+Q are among the growing exhibitor list.

  • 20th Century Violator by Ben Frost
    20th Century Violator by Ben Frost

    Australian artist Ben Frost is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photorealism and sign-writing.This painting relates to how Ben Frost sees himself as an artist, and society's place in the scheme of things. He process by taking images, subverting them and juxtaposing them into weird situations, make it like looking back at the 20th century and fucking with it - or 'violating' it.

  • The LB Project – An European Art Exhibition through Skateboarding
    The LB Project – An European Art Exhibition through Skateboarding

    The LB Project has been created to unite the European skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London. This is a year where artists, skateshops, media and brands will unite to make skateboard and art accessible to all. Artists involved include: Michael Sieben, Jeremyville, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Funeral French, Kid Creature, Chad Eaton, Mark Foster, Mike Kershnar, BB Bastidas, Lucas Beaufort and more.

  • Juicy Mail Banana by A-maze Paper
    Juicy Mail Banana by A-maze Paper

    Open an envelope like peeling a banana! Once you write your greetings on the card, put into the envelope and seal. The recipient will experience the pure fun of peeling the envelope through the perforations. More fruits available! Size: 210x100mm / Material: Paper.

  • "The Light of Independence" – Indie Publication Exhibition

    The Light of Independence, 2012 Guangzhou Independent Publication Exhibition explores the various forms of independent publications and the experimental ways in which artists, designers and publishers show their special concept in editing, image making and printing. As one of the featured keynote of the exhibition, COLORS magazine will exhibit the concept of Happiness and other survival techniques. Meet COLORS Photo Editor: Mauro Bedoni, and IdN Publisher: Laurence Ng on 23 NOV, 7pm at Time Museum.

  • SHEETS by Rinko Kawauchi is now available!
    SHEETS by Rinko Kawauchi is now available!

    Sheets attempts to retrace Rinko Kawauchi’s steps in this world through a reassembly and re-editing of her filmstrips as a reinvented whole. Cinematographic at heart, the sequences of randomly selected contact sheets offer a real-life time lapse, a resurrection of moments in the personal history of the artist and immortalised in some of her more significant publications. The book’s gatefolds mark intervals in this rhythmic crescendo. They contribute, as if under a magnifying glass, to new spontaneous pairings of images. Special edition includes a signed and numbered print! Spec: 21 cm x 14 cm / 152 pages / 12 gate fold outs/ Hardcover.

  • fifti-fifti just launched the Take-off light
    fifti-fifti just launched the Take-off light

    fifti-fifti is a new designlabel from Berlin, Germany. Leading by designer Maximilian Schmahl, they design, produce and distribute objects with high originality and individual functionality. Their products are inspired by the rapid change and the special charm of the city Berlin, which make the design always reduced, simple and poetic.

  • BBEROES by Chris Leung
    BBEROES by Chris Leung

    BBEROES, a pleasing adult mind baby-looking guy with superpower and his girlfriend called PRINCESS share their fun in love and life. They are visually presented in different characters in drawings and figurines to promote “Heroic” positive culture, environmental protection and peace. BBEROES is designed by Chris Leung who graduated from University of London with a MBA degree. With keen passion in art and design, he created the brand BBEROES, BBEROES comics & figures in facebook and animation in youtube since AUG 2011.

  • Poster Design by Antonio León González
    Poster Design by Antonio León González

    Antonio León González is a Dominican architect specializing in concept art for media and clients, architecture and CG applications. He also enjoys doing Kidrobot Characters and Traditional Concept Art on mixed technics including Digital Art and VFX. From 2009 Antonio Leon Gonzalez [ALG] creates many vinyls and digital characters and illustrations with Dunny, Munny, Fatcap, Foomi and Bub base models like Punch, Fight Kid, Graffiters Team, Ugly Japo , The Terracotta Warriors and The Gladiators…



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