• Theo Ehret: The Grand Olympic
    Theo Ehret: The Grand Olympic

    Geneva Sound Systems in association with Vault 722 presents — Theo Ehret: The Grand Olympic — images from the olympic auditorium (1965-1985). Opening is on Kim Sing Theater, 718 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA. Join this special evening commemorating the life and work of sports photographer, Theo Ehret, who photographed many of the boxing and wrestling greats in L.A.'s Olympic Auditorium from 1965-1985!

  • Jana Bonsignore: Freelance Illustrator
    Jana Bonsignore: Freelance Illustrator

    Jana Bonsignore is a freelance illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. Upon completing 4 years at University of Darmstadt with Diploma in Communication Design, Jana is often inspired by fascinating people that almost achieved mastery in illustration — then decided she wanted to be an illustrator too. It's a great start for Jana with clients in the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Hälssen & Lyon, Wernesgrüner, Eckes Granini, Germanwings, HRS, Deichkind, Africola under her belt!

  • Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies return to SIGGRAPH Asia
    Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies return to SIGGRAPH Asia

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 will see the return of the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies programs. The Art Gallery program themed "FANTAsia" will offer a diverse showcase of innovative digital and technologically-mediated artworks. Complementing this is the Emerging Technologies program, with its theme of "Play". Expect an array of working demonstrations in virtual reality, augmented reality, haptic devices, 3D graphics, robotics, sensor systems and wearable devices!

  • Rainbow Muslim Brotherhood Dog by CUPCO
    Rainbow Muslim Brotherhood Dog by CUPCO

    CUPCO soft severed head sculptures are finally on sale in the CUPCO shop!!! Rainbow Muslim Brotherhood Dog! The name says it all!! He just got back from Egypt fighting alongside his brothers. Fight on!! What a magical creature. Check out his mystical mulberry eyes and his maniacal chromosome base! Size: 30cm (12in)H x 25cm(10in)W (basically the same size as your head!)

  • PROTØ3DYPE COLLECTION by Eugenia Alejos
    PROTØ3DYPE COLLECTION by Eugenia Alejos

    Eugenia Alejos is a fashion designer based in Madrid. She mixes her passion for design with the illustration, and always works on the concept of three-dimensionality through new materials. The minimalistic pieces 
are small scale artwork reinterpreting past and present culture with a depurated style. Installations, 
unique pieces and limited edition collections complete the label.

  • LaCie RuggedKey
    LaCie RuggedKey

    LaCie recently announced the launch of its RuggedKey USB3.0 product line. It is truely rugged for everyday disasters, including heat, cold and water. The product is even built to withstand accidental drops from heights far above what you'd encounter on your way to the office. Its rubber construction is claimed to be 100m drop-resistant!

  • Mercedes Benz's Avant/Garde Diaries: Julius von Bismarck
    Mercedes Benz's Avant/Garde Diaries: Julius von Bismarck

    CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) not only houses the world's biggest particle physics research facility – but also houses an equally-ambitious young artist-in-residence named Julius von Bismarck. Through Mercedes Benz's The Avant/Garde Diaries, von Bismarck takes us through the breath-taking Swiss mountains and forest surrounding CERN while waxing poetic on the inspirations for his art-meets-technology experiments, including his recent piece for CERN, an austere set of overhead lamps undulating like pendulums. As the organization's first artist-in-residence, he conceived the piece, fittingly, as something of a protest and pointed reminder about the unknowability of the human mind.

  • Stereolize – Creative Agency for Interactive Brand-Experience
    Stereolize – Creative Agency for Interactive Brand-Experience

    Stereolize is an agency based in Munich, Germany that has specialized on the consultancy, design and creation of hi-end multimedia presentations, event-shows and interactive installation. Their aim is to create the perfect dramaturgy, logical structure and most effective flow of messaging in order to deliver the messages in a way that will truly stay in the audiences minds. Stereolize works with clients including Porsche, Microsoft, adidas and the country of Qatar which is scheduled to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • CNE X Maysum 2012
    CNE X Maysum 2012

    Wahahafactory's creative director Maysum colloborates with shoe maker CNE from China in their Spring/Summer collection! Maysum designed several illustrations for this campaign, and have became their art director for the shooting!

  • CMYK by hamansutra
    CMYK by hamansutra

    After 10 years of research and development, hamansutra is proud to present their first shoe range "CMYK by hamansutra". This range is designed to be independent of fashion seasons. It is timeless. Created with love from New York City, manufactured in Brazil.

  • Brazil 2014 World Cup Wallchart by Karoshi
    Brazil 2014 World Cup Wallchart by Karoshi

    To mark the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Karoshi have created a limited edition wall chart and accompanying website. Each B2 poster is screen printed in silver onto Ebony Colorplan and is supplied with a metallic pen, allowing fans to record the results. The responsive website, which allows users to customise the site in their team colours and to reflect their time zone, also features a downloadable fixture list and will be updated with results as the tournament progresses.

  • PICTOPLASMA NYC — 2-3 NOV 2012 at Parsons
    PICTOPLASMA NYC — 2-3 NOV 2012 at Parsons

    PICTOPLASMA NYC returns with a truly eclectic line-up of inspiring artist lectures, presentations and animation screenings. The conference will take place at the Tishman Auditorium of Parsons The New School for Design, featuring more than a dozen selected artist and designer talk, such as Julia Pott, famed for some of the most beautiful illustrations and animations depicting self-consciousness and awkward social constellations; Ryan Quincy, former Animation Director of South Park and father to a vast, ever expanding family of hairy critters; and many, many more...



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