• Jaume Vilardell
    Jaume Vilardell

    Coming from an industrial and furniture design background, Jaume Vilardell's illustrations are gaining world wide recognition with his unique washed-out watercolour portraits.

  • HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013: DFAA and HKYDTA
    HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013: DFAA and HKYDTA

    The HKDC Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013 will be held at 17:00 on 05 DEC 2013 (Thursday) at JockeyClub Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This year, a total of 120 awards, comprising 10 Grand Awards, 3 Special Awards, under four design disciplines in 18 categories, including Apparel and Accessory Design, Communication Design, Product and Industrial Design and Environmental Design. Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and Merit recognition are also bestowed to reflect the levels of design excellence.

  • Mario García redesigns SCMP!
    Mario García redesigns SCMP!

    Dr. Mario R. García is a leading American newspaper designer and media consultant. Trained as a journalist, he has devoted more than 30 years to redesigning publications. Dr García has worked on papers as diverse as The Wall Street Journal and An-Nahar, Lebanon's leading daily newspaper; and has recently helmed the re-design of the South China Morning Post. The redesign of the SCMP includes improved graphics and the launch of new daily tabloid-style supplements!

  • LongXi Awards 2012 Call for Entries
    LongXi Awards 2012 Call for Entries

    LongXi Awards is the only Chinese language Advertising Creative Awards recognized by two of the most authoritative global creative annual rankings: the Gunn Report and The Big One. The winners will also get extra points in the annual creative ranking tabulated by the Longyin Review. LongXi Awards 2012 is now calling for entries. Deadline for submission is 29 JUN 2012!

  • Azorado [Startled] by Cazapapeles
    Azorado [Startled] by Cazapapeles

    They created this beast and took the liberty to relocate it to a new home, another desolate desert, in order to blur the line off its new context. This project welcomes the change, winter is almost gone and a new season is coming, as well as ice age is gone and global warming took the lead, the desert welcomes this iconic beast as a new guest, although its future remains uncertain.

  • Travel by Air by Ray Oranges
    Travel by Air by Ray Oranges

    Ray is an Italian illustrator well know for his abstract style and skillful use of negative space. He recently illustrated the brand new New York Lottery advertising campaign, which was featured in The New York Times. He has extensive experience illustrating editorials for publications such as Wallpaper* and RSA Journal.

  • Billy Blue College of Design presents BBetween
    Billy Blue College of Design presents BBetween

    Billy Blue College of Design presents this year's annual BBetween Journal, Design Symposium and Sneaky Minds Workshop as part of Vivid Sydney 2012. Contributors include: Dr. Gjoko Muratovski's, Vince Frost, The Design Kids, E2, Second Road, Chris Doyle, Glen Barry, Kimberley Croft, Andrew Barnum, Jess Scully, The Distillery, False Behaving Animals, Idea Farmers, The MCA, Brain Art, The Loop, and many more! Much like the proverb "Teach a man to fish", the BBetween Journal strives to contribute to the generative ecology of design at Billy Blue through ongoing contact and mentorship by the industry and local creative community.

  • DENHAM Service Co.
    DENHAM Service Co.

    DENHAM Service Co. by Jason Denham is newly opened, providing fully bespoke denim services! Located directly adjacent to the Denham Store at 495 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, customers can now access to all the support required for passionate jean-wearing; leg-shortening, fit alteration, hand-washing and tear-repair.

  • MONSTERBOX by Clemens Hartmann and Slanted
    MONSTERBOX by Clemens Hartmann and Slanted

    MONSTERBOX is a collection of outstanding monster-Illustrations from all over the world. Each illustration is printed on thick cardboard with three different spot colours. All in all 150 cards are presented in a high quality box. On the front side of each card an illustration, name and url of the illustrator as well as information about the spot-colour-combination is displayed. The backside of the card is blank, so that it can be used for notes or messages.

  • ENEMIES by D. Jaba Mathieu & Sozyone Gonzalez
    ENEMIES by D. Jaba Mathieu & Sozyone Gonzalez

    ‘ENEMIES’ is a 200 page hardcover intergalactic graphic novel by D.Jaba Mathieu and Sozyone Gonzalez who are two well known graffiti-artists from the European scene. They've been painting and travelling around the world for more than 20 years before moving to LA to focus on this book. Backers from Kickstarter will literally kickstart the production of this beautiful 200 page hardcover!

  • Character Designer: Nick Marsh
    Character Designer: Nick Marsh

    Nick Marsh is a freelance illustrator and character designer based in London, with a strong interest in current affairs. He has worked for a range of clients including YDNA Skate Shop and ES Magazine. Check out his portfolio today!

  • agIdeas 2012
    agIdeas 2012

    agIdeas International Design Week is the largest and most prestigious design festival in the world. Established in 1991 by Ken Cato, developed and presented by the Design Foundation. agIdeas offers an extraordinary program of events that celebrate design excellence and promotes the value of design driven innovation. Over the week (21-25 MAY), agIdeas brings 11,000 people to Melbourne, Australia. We at IdN will be there again! Come and say hi!

  • Studio TM has a website
    Studio TM has a website

    Studio TM plants ideas! It is founded in 2010 by creative talents Topaz Leung and Martin Cheung; their major disciplines include photography, advertising, art direction and art education. Together, the duo has ample experience working for the likes of Canon Singapore, Levis, Marriott Hotel Group, Swire Properties, Daydream Nation, Nike, Cocktail, Bauhaus Group; as well as colloborating with NGOs Amnesty International Hong Kong, Wan Chai VisualArchive and DETOUR.

  • EQ Dekor: Wallpaper for both protection and decoration by Inkiostro Bianco
    EQ Dekor: Wallpaper for both protection and decoration by Inkiostro Bianco

    EQ Dekor is much more than a simple wallpaper, it is a dual-function wallpaper for both protection and decoration with dual-application for walls or floors. It is based on the innovative patented MapeWrap EQ System, a high-performance product by Mapei with all the requisites for outstanding efficacy in the event of seismic activity. Decorated with a range of 60 charming graphics and flourishes conceived by eminent designers and artists, EQ Dekor is an intriguing and eclectic "Seismic Wallpaper".

  • IMGembed: Solution for image owners and users
    IMGembed: Solution for image owners and users

    Home to millions of images uploaded directly by image owners, IMGembed is a convenient solution for creators and users. IMGembed is the pioneer in impression-based image licensing. Pay only for what you use. Imgembed gives you confidence in sharing your images, by promoting you and giving you the recognition that you deserve.



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