• The Subconscious Restaurant by White Fungus
    The Subconscious Restaurant by White Fungus

    Taiwan-based art magazine White Fungus is about to launch a new experimental music magazine, The Subconscious Restaurant, with a tour of Asia. The tour will include events in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taipei. In Beijing, a launch event will be held at Zajia Lab, featuring sound performances by Wang Fujui (Taipei), Noise Steve (Taichung), and a dance perfomance by Zarah Killeen-Chance (Auckland). The night will also include performances by local artists Yan Jun and Rat 'The Spy' 51. People who attend the event will receive a free copy of the new magazine.

  • The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award goes to Jemima Brown
    The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award goes to Jemima Brown

    Standpoint Gallery is presenting the solo exhibition of Jemima Brown — winner of The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award. Jemima Brown is known for her sculptural explorations of the animate versus inanimate, orchestrating the complex visual narratives involved in self-creation. Exhibition runs from 16SEP-22OCT 2011.

  • "A Tale of Two Netflix" by Noelia Lozano

    Noelia Lozano is a graphic designer and art director from Spain, who is focused on Paper Cut, CGI and 3D. Her latest project is a Papercrafts still life illustration for the article "A Tale of Two Netflix" for the American magazine Fast Company. Take a look and see the making-of video!

  • New works from Tina Berning
    New works from Tina Berning

    The ever-talented Tina Berning has spent the chilly Berlin winter months busily working away at a variety of projects in her studio. CWC is happy to share some of her more recent commercial works, including NY Times Up Front: "Weekly Portraits"; Conde Nast Traveler: "Paris Underneath It All" and much much more!

  • Ward of the State
    Ward of the State

    Rivera & Rivera is pleased to announce Ward of the State: Tony Ward, Artists' Muse, a group exhibition of works centered on shared muse Tony Ward. Curated by Robert Standish, the exhibition will feature paintings, photographs and works in other media based on male super model Tony Ward's embodiment of masculinity, beauty, brutality, fashion, and sexual ambiguity. Runs from May 21 - June 28.

  • Bracket Vol. 3 by Anonymous
    Bracket Vol. 3 by Anonymous

    Courtesy of MagSpreads, Bracket Vol. 03 surveys 16 individuals on the future of education and its' impact on creativity. "Sometimes the argument in education seems to go against free will and creative spirit, but increasingly it's the fact that education has become a business and a production line that destroys the innate power of education and it's ability for change. The students that demonstrate on the streets of London on behalf of education act like dissatisfied customers, for that is what they have become." Excerpt of foreword by Robert Urquhart. Bracket is published by Anonymous, and designed by SILNT.

  • ARTAND Australia Relaunches now!
    ARTAND Australia Relaunches now!

    The longest running art magazine in Australia re-launches with a bold new look and a new name – ARTAND. Collaborating with publisher and editor, Eleonora Triguboff and her wonderful team, Fabio Ongarato Design has established a larger format and a complete redesign to house a new broadened discourse on local and international contemporary visual culture. Part journal – part book – part magazine, ARTAND reflects on it’s memorable past but takes a broader dynamic view that will engage new audiences and new global viewpoints from our part of the world.

  • Digital Art & Culture Festival 2011
    Digital Art & Culture Festival 2011

    DA+C Festival is on for the first time at Suffolk House, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is a platform for trans-disciplinary collaboration projects that fuse traditional culture and digital media. Expect a lot of audio/visual project mapping, workshops, talks and a whole lot more!

  • Haberdashery lights up Cricklewood for Christmas
    Haberdashery lights up Cricklewood for Christmas

    Haberdashery were recently commissioned to design the festive lighting scheme for Cricklewood district as part of the Design For London initiative. The lighting scheme consisted of 40 individual street-post mounted festive light sculptures that complemented the associated works by Polimekanos and GortScott Architects. The festive lights were officially launched as part of the Cricklewood Winterfest at the end of November 2013, they will be displayed as part of the festive period over the next 7 years.

  • Cause.works creates online platform for DIY cause campaigns
    Cause.works creates online platform for DIY cause campaigns

    Cause.works is an initiative that will build a platform for anyone in the world to create their own cause campaigns, iI will provide templates and resources and will make it easy and straightforward. Cause.works will test and build the platform upon actual projects, the first of which is Balkan Floods. Under the Balkan Floods banner, a number of products like t-shirts and prints will be collected and created which will be sold and the proceedings donated to various charities dedicated to the rejuvenation of the devastated areas.



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