• Supermarket Sarah Presents: Beccy McCray
    Supermarket Sarah Presents: Beccy McCray

    Beccy McCray explores playful, socially engaged art and design using a multi-disciplinary approach in whatever realm necessary to create imaginative acts of resistance and more human moments in the world. She recently collaborated with "Supermarket Sarah" – a platform for young talent – where 'walls' are curated and created to display work ranging from crafted and hand-made accessories, to vintage fashion and original artworks!

  • Jesse Katabarwa wins the student competition of Weltformat 14
    Jesse Katabarwa wins the student competition of Weltformat 14

    The Weltformat association has set itself the goal of promoting the medium of the poster in all of its facets. There are many exhibitions to make poster design accessible for the general public. The association was founded at the start of 2010 with the aim of organising a national annual poster festival. It therefore replaced the Posters Lucerne association which, in Lucerne, had shown the exhibition of the 100 best posters from the German-speaking area. The winner of the student competition of Weltformat 14 is called Jesse Katabarwa from the UQAM Université du Québec à Montréal in Canada.

  • Solutions Outsourced rebrands Aquafit
    Solutions Outsourced rebrands Aquafit

    Solutions Outsourced is an Australian web, branding and graphic design company. One of their latest rebrand projects is for Aquafit, a health, fitness and wellbeing centre. The result is a reflection of Aquafit's core values, offerings, services and benefits. The brand identity is approachable, flexible (to focus on the range of services offered, not just the pool facility) and also focus on healthy ageing. The new visual language began with a brand identity redesign which was then rolled out across various media including merchandise, stationery and signage.

  • Underdogs New Website
    Underdogs New Website

    Underdogs is an international working platform that aims at creating space within the contemporary art scene for artists connected with the new languages of urban visual culture. It intends to reflect with precision what we see as an important segment of contemporary graphic and visual culture, fostering the creation of connections, partnerships and collaborative efforts between artists, cultural agents, venues and the city, thus contributing to establish a close relationship between these and the public. The Underdogs cultural project rests on three complementary work areas: a gallery; a public art programme; and the production of original and exclusive artist editions.

  • Illustrator - Sasha Baranovskaya
    Illustrator - Sasha Baranovskaya

    Sasha Baranovskaya is an illustrator based in Omsk, Russia. She studies fashion design in OFDS. She made illustrations for young magazines like Noble Rot and also comics for St. Petersburg's Festival Boomfest for several years. In 2013, she received a special award for her work "Bonfire".

  • Latitude – Your design agency in the cloud
    Latitude – Your design agency in the cloud

    LATITUDE is a new online design studio that provides access to professional designers and powerful collaboration tools, making it easy to work together face to face or remotely to create beautiful design. The designers in the network have all been carefully curated to meet Latitude’s high standards of professional qualifications, experience and creativity. There is a broad range of design skills and depth of experience across industries to make it easy for clients find the perfect designer for their needs.

  • The 2nd Best Brand Awards opened for entries!
    The 2nd Best Brand Awards opened for entries!

    The Best Brand Awards reward high quality brands designed worldwide, recognizing excellence in visual communication internationally. This year, the Best Brand Awards award 8 categories: 2 global categories and 6 geographical ones. The internationally renowned Jury is composed by Mariano Cerrella (Luminasur, Argentina), Andy Stalman (Cato Spain, Spain), Botond Vörös (Botond Vörös, Hungary), Olga Llopis (Comuniza, Spain), Fredrik Öst (Snask, Sweden) and more! Deadline: 13 NOV, 2014.

  • CINDERBLOC Inc. for Alter
    CINDERBLOC Inc. for Alter

    With distinct angular features, Alter’s signature element of alternating recessed balconies and shifted structural floorplates strikes an unforgettable architectural presence. The strong geometric principles of the brand, right through to the ambigram style of the identity letterforms, reinforce the comprehensive vision that ‘alters’ the perspective + perception within the typical condo marketplace.

  • BENT Celebrates the Seasons with Raley's Family of Fine Stores
    BENT Celebrates the Seasons with Raley's Family of Fine Stores

    BENT image lab fires up the imagination with a seamless weave of ultra-realistic CG animation, photogrammetry and gorgeous live-action for Raley's "Eating Seasons" campaign. Working hand-in-hand with agency Ivie & Associates, and the inspired folks at Raley's Family of Fine Stores, BENT Partner David Daniels directs the four spots celebrating every season of the year – namely "Holiday", "Spring", "Summer" and "Fall".

  • illopetals – Leon Sparkes and Deborah Brogden
    illopetals – Leon Sparkes and Deborah Brogden

    ‘illopetals’ is the collaboration of Art styles by Leon Sparkes and Deborah Brogden. Their skills include; illustration, painting and graphic design. Initially starting out in Graffiti and street Art, they met and naturally began to fuse their unique styles, creating colourful, bold and abstract work that explores stories of nature, technology, people and cultures. As collaborators, their approach is freestyle and so their work evolves organically. Now working in Seoul, South Korea, they are busy creating fresh new work, exhibitions, live events and pursuing their passion for Art.

  • Studio Equator rebrands for Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
    Studio Equator rebrands for Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

    In creating the new visual identity and brand, Studio Equator rebrands the existing Mexican restaurant, giving it new life, vibrancy and develop an identity that responded to the brand’s personality and offering in a more contemporary representation looking at the current generation with the idea of a ‘Fiesta’ Mexican celebration. "Vibrancy was key in refreshing this brand and also creating an identity that is varied and visually interesting, while still being consistent as a whole to hold Fiesta’s iconic identity."

  • Takashi Kamei – Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Music Photography
    Takashi Kamei – Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Music Photography

    Takashi Kamei is a photographer currently based in New York, USA. His background is fashion styling and photography from University of Arts London and has been assistant to heavy weights including Nick Knight and Richard Bush. Today, Takashi is hot property in the world of fashion and editorial photography shooting for clients in the likes of Mihara Yasuhiro, John Lawrence Sullivan, Nike, adidas; as well as for publications including Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Nylon magazines.

  • Scrambler You Are: International video contest with Ducati
    Scrambler You Are: International video contest with Ducati

    The Associazione Amici del FFF in cooperation with Ducati Motor Holding Spa announces the first edition of "Scrambler You Are", the international contest dedicated to videomakers (18 years old or elder), for the concept and achievement of short films. The contest’s aim is to promote films realized with digital technologies, by authors from all over the world, rewarding their artistic flair.

  • Illustrator – Dogboy
    Illustrator – Dogboy

    Dogboy aka Philip Huntington is a London based Illustrator working toward the creation of an alternate reality. His work is a mix of psychedelia, science fiction and social voyeurism. He has worked with clients such as: Neon magazine, Wrap, The V&A Museum, Guys Hospital Trust and continuously produces work for independent magazines.

  • Bench DNA by Leonardo Rossano and Debora Mansur for TRUE design
    Bench DNA by Leonardo Rossano and Debora Mansur for TRUE design

    After the success at the Salone Del Mobile Exhibition in Milan, the plywood bench DNA, designed by architects Leonardo Rossano and Debora Mansur, won the Good Design Award of Chicago Athenaeum 2013. Produced by TRUE Design, this remarkable modular bench is available in different wood finishes and colours. The seat, designated for public spaces, is made of modular elements of curved plywood, creating the continual infinite helix shape of the element that it is named after.



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