• Patric Sandri – Illustrator
    Patric Sandri – Illustrator

    Patric Sandri is an illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland. He has tremendous abilities as shown in his series of illustrations for ETH Zurich for the "Critical Thinking" Program. Apart from ETH Zurich has worked for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Diogenes, Du Magazin, Hochparterre, Das Magazin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Times Higher Education, and among others.

  • "Trespassing" by Ole Brodersen

    Ole Brodersen is an art photographer, working primarily in the archipelago surrounding Lyngør, situated between Tvedestrand and Risør in Norway. The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, where their interactions with the natural elements are recorded. Forces of wind, currents and waves are harnessed and the unfoldings in these encounters are recorded; how nature composes and rearranges these objects.

  • Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music
    Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music

    The organizers and Jury panel of the 3rd International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) 2014, are excited to announce the 2014 winning entries. With a total of 1010 submissions, 646 designers from 79 countries, the contest winners were chosen from 444 finalists by a distinguished jury panel – 1st Place: Andreas Wikström, Sweden, 2nd Place: Avi Marciano, United States, 3rd Place: Dariush Allahyari, Iran. The objective of the International Reggae Poster Contest is to reinforce awareness for Reggae music and celebrate its positive impact on the world.

  • The ED-Awards 2015 submission period is now open!
    The ED-Awards 2015 submission period is now open!

    Each year the European Design Awards celebrate excellence in the fields of print, web and exhibition design, illustration, packaging, mobile apps and motion graphics. With 35 available categories, the ED-Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive awards organisation to recognise and promote your work. Initially a joint effort by 15 communication design magazines from across the continent, the ED-Awards have expanded to include a vibrant online collaboration by editors of digital design publications. The deadline is 20 FEB, 2015!

  • Netdiver Best of the Year 2014
    Netdiver Best of the Year 2014

    After 5 years hiatus. It’s back! The Netdiver Best of the Year reboots its tradition – and the great news? It’s a stellar listing. Netdiver Best of the Year is the long awaited release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression in the previous year(s).

  • TYPODARIUM 2016 – Call for Entries
    TYPODARIUM 2016 – Call for Entries

    The deadline to submit your latest typefaces for the typographic tear-off calendar TYPODARIUM 2016 has been extended until 23 JAN, 2015. Every type designer or font label is invited to contribute to this project with their latest typefaces. Register at www.typodarium.de and choose up to 5 days and upload the requested files. Every participant whose typefaces gets printed will receive a calendar for free. After the call for entries has been closed, a renowned jury will judge all entries.

  • Winners at A&D Trophy Awards 2014 Revealed
    Winners at A&D Trophy Awards 2014 Revealed

    A total of 92 winning entries were selected by an international panel of expert judges for the inaugural A&D Trophy Awards 2014 — presented by Perspective Limited, publisher of leading architecture and design magazine Perspective — with the winners revealed at a gala presentation ceremony on 11 December, 2014, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Best of the Best Trophy [Architecture/Professional category] went to Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin, Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong for The Pinch, Library & Community Centre.

  • The Cartography of the Mind's I – 'Duende Diagram' by Warren Neidich
    The Cartography of the Mind's I – 'Duende Diagram' by Warren Neidich

    Warren Neidich is a Berlin and Los Angeles based post-conceptual artist, theorist and writer who explores the interfaces between cultural production, brain research and cognitive capitalism. “Art Before Philosophy not After”. His interdisciplinary works combines photographic, video, internet downloads, scotch tape and noise installations. He recently participate in the group exhibition 'The Cartography of the Mind's I' at Barbara Seiler Gallery where he exhibited his 'Duende Diagram' piece.

  • Brand New Prints by Leslie David
    Brand New Prints by Leslie David

    Leslie David is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator based in Paris. She is specialized in brand image and graphic design for fashion brands and culture. Brand new posters are now availble from her website, get them before they run out! All posters are digital high quality print, on coated superior paper. Limited edition of 50, signed, unframed.

  • DPIGS Design Studio – TEDxPenafiel 2014
    DPIGS Design Studio – TEDxPenafiel 2014

    DPIGS is a multidisciplinary design studio with headquarters in the heart of the marvelous Porto, Portugal. They have recently been invited to develope the graphics for TEDxPenafiel 2014. The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

  • WeTransfer reveals winning Face This T-shirt designs
    WeTransfer reveals winning Face This T-shirt designs

    The Dutch Face This foundation reveals the winning T-shirt designs of their first international T-shirt design contest on a WeTransfer wallpaper. The two T-shirts are designed using the foundation’s Indonesian kids’ drawings. The proceeds of the tees generate funding for the school of the Indonesian kids who created the drawings. Internationally awarded artists Kate Gibb and Marguerite Sauvage praise the designs for the way the designers integrated the Indonesian kids’ drawings into their design.

  • 'Lab Grotesque' by Stockholm Design Lab
    'Lab Grotesque' by Stockholm Design Lab

    Stockholm Design Lab is very proud to present Lab Grotesque – a typeface designed and developed in close collaboration with Letters from Sweden. For more than 15 years Stockholm Design Lab have designed custom typography for global brands and businesses, from IKEA and Scandinavian Airlines to Stadium and Velux. These carefully designed typefaces have been exclusively produced for our clients, never available for a larger audience to use.

  • 'Echo' by Orproject
    'Echo' by Orproject

    Echo, the exhibition concept for Design Shanghai by architects Orproject, has been designed as the physical manifestation of the sounds which surround us. The curator of the exhibition, Degeng Li, assembled a collection of fragments of the city: designed elements such as signage, building facades or visual information. Those are like windows into the world which surrounds us and they connect with each other to form the whole.

  • RTA-Office completes the YC House
    RTA-Office completes the YC House

    Santiago Parramón, RTA-Office with branches in Barcelona, Shanghai and Istanbul has recently completed the constructions of House and Studio YC in Barcelona. This 290 square meters' building is situated in the center of the plot, respecting the limits for construction and plot ratio. The house rises as a single body. Its shape is influenced by physical and morphological conditions. The house has a very different view at day and at night. During the day it is possible to discover the house hidden behind the vegetation. When darkness surrounds the building, the illuminated interior gleams and the house shines like a sculpture into the surrounding.

  • Santiago Sevillano and Sanserif Creatius collaborates with Lebrun Couverts
    Santiago Sevillano and Sanserif Creatius collaborates with Lebrun Couverts

    The Spanish design studios Santiago Sevillano and Sanserif Creatius present a new concept of cutlery which aims to convey feelings to the user through graphical metaphors. "The aim is to strengthen the presence of the silverware on the table as the dominant aesthetic point, giving back the importance that has been lost in recent years close to dishes or glassware. Converting the silverware to the element of attraction and the rest of the decor revolves around it"

  • Gabriel Moreno – Illustrator
    Gabriel Moreno – Illustrator

    Although he is best known for his work as illustrator in advertising, where his experience and reach is remarkable, in the last few years he has also successfully developed his personal line of art. His pieces make striking statements about female beauty through graphic and elegant images. His works are usually comprised of flowing and precise fine black lines, over which he deploys shocks of color accenting on clothing, faces, or environments. He uses dramatic gradients of colors and multiple layers that emerge from the images and involvement of the figures.

  • DFA Awards 2014 – Recognises Asia’s Design Excellence & Honours Outstanding Design Giants
    DFA Awards 2014 – Recognises Asia’s Design Excellence & Honours Outstanding Design Giants

    Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) announced the winners of the annual DFA Awards, including 186 winners of the Design for Asia Awards and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (HKYDTA), as well as the awardees of the three most prestigious awards, namely the DFA Lifetime Achievement Award (DFALAA), the Design Leadership Award (DLA) and the World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer (WOCD), in recognition of their design excellence and achievements. Besides, the DFA Awards Exhibition, a part of the InnoDesign Tech Expo, was held from 4 to 6 December. The winning projects or portfolios of the winners were showcased in the exhibition.



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