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3group — Poznan, Poland

The highest level of quality is maintained through hands-on control of all projects, from initial analysis through to production supervision. 3group's comprehensive portfolio comprises work for publishing houses, cultural institutions and art galleries, but Bienert doesn't believe in placing limitations on his capabilities and is always looking forward to new, inspiring challenges.

Ryszard Bienert named his Poland-based graphic studio 3group because it was the last of three that he had started that is still functioning – beginning, with two collaborators, with Group, going to 2group when one of the co-founders dropped out, and now that there is only him left, 3group. His main interests are identity-shaping and building ideas and brands. He has had formal working experience at various advertising agencies and a variety of specialists in photography, illustration and copyright. Bienert has built his studio’s reputation on strong attention to detail in typography, composition, materials and finishing.

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