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Ale Urrutia — Shenzhen, China

“DJI at the CES 2016 mini-site was a very interesting project to design and create as this website was designed with traditional design tools but with lo-fi paper mock-ups and custom-made javascript that randomly generated the shape of DJI drones on the HTML canvas. Within some defined constraints, the screens are always different for every user. It was interesting to integrate a social-media campaign as each circle on the UI pulled data from social media to drive users from and to DJI Twitter accounts.”

Ale Urrutia is a digital creative from Uruguay with 14 years’ experience in the industry, who is presently working out of Shenzhen, China after having lived and worked in his home country and in Spain, Japan and Peru. He has done graphic design, branding, web design and development. He is now concentrating on concept creation and UX.

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