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Alfredo Marco Pradil — Hanken Design Co. — Philippines/Dubai, UAE

“Typography and type design have been brewing inside me since I was a kid. I was always the one who wrote the chalkboard announcements at school. I always change the style of the characters for every typography job to create interest and so that the message is properly delivered. I suppose that has honed my skills in crafting letterforms. The fact that I am able to turn a boring announcement, project cover or even a label into something attractive yet functional is so appealing to me.”

Alfredo Marco Pradil is a designer from the Philippines specialising in graphic and web design as well as visual merchandising and typography. He has a special affinity for type and has been designing and developing typefaces since 2012. Among his type design works, to name but a few, are Hans Kendrick (followed by Neue Hans Kendrick), Glacial Indifference, Einstellung, Radnika and HK Grotesk. In 2016 he was commissioned to work on an exclusive typeface called Extremis Compakt for the furniture-design company Extremis (Belgium). In the same year he was also asked to work on Dell’s Alienware typeface, and he helped create the Mobilo typeface in collaboration with Jeroen Krielaars of Animography, which was brought to life by 236 animators around the world.

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