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Antipixel — Julia Martinez Diana — Buenos Aires, Argentina

“My most conceptual work is the Austral family, consisting of Serif and Sans Serif versions. I designed this with a road-trip in mind, centred on the part of Argentina in which I live. Deriving inspiration from different objects and textures, I had to take photographs of rust, water, humidity marks, dirt, maps and road lines. Its irregular strokes reflect silhouettes of mountains, treelines, old broken wood. I selected thematic language, so the travel and journey aspects inspired the choice of both images and words.”

Antipixel is an independent type-design studio with a main focus on display hand-written typefaces, founded and run by Julia Martinez Diana. With a collection of energetic and hand-rendered typeface offerings, the designs possess a spirited quality full of energy and casual character. Always with a charismatic personal touch, and an obvious love for natural and organic forms.

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