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Antony Squizzato — Paris, France

“I do believe that there is something special about design in France, because the country resides at the crossroads between ‘rational’ thinking (Scandinavian, Swiss, German or Anglo-Saxon) and more instinctive thinking (from Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.). French designers enjoy living in a fully digitalised world because they know they have their traditions and history as a back-up. There is also a great tradition of drawing and illustrating here. The French comics (bande dessinee) scene is so huge and active, and open to other media such as cinema, video games or graphic arts.

Antony Squizzato has been exposed to many creative fields: motion, illustration, art direction, font design, 3D, indie games. Now he also works with pencils and inks and produces acrylic canvases. In 1999 he co-founded the Periscope digital agency with a high-school friend. By 2011 Periscope had grown to include more than 50 people. Feeling the pressure from trying to combine both his personal universe and corporate activities under the same umbrella, Squizzato finally set up "My Name Is Anto" as a private playground, where he can experiment with the wildest projects, without the limitations usually imposed by clients.

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