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Atelier d’Alves — Porto, Portugal

“A few months ago I was invited to be a curator as part of an exhibition called ‘Desejo, Tensão, Transição’. I had to make a selection of 40 posters that represent the last 10 years of the Portuguese graphic-design scene. The ones I remembered straightaway were those pasted on the street walls. I remembered how several of them together made a beautiful pattern and how I stopped to appreciate them. To walk down a street and find a beautiful poster on the corner is like coming across a friend or a beautiful store. I stop because the posters are talking to me!”

Atelier d’Alves is the natural culmination of a path trodden with enthusiasm since 2009, when Sergio Alves began working independently with clients from a range of areas. The work of the studio responds to the needs of emerging visual communication in all areas, especially in the field of culture — theatre, architecture, dance and literature. Its work has been featured in several publications worldwide as well being a constant presence at international awards and exhibitions.

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