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Bauer — Vienna, Austria

"Being designers, we are privileged to call good ideas into being and provide them with a soul as well as with public presence," Erwin K. Bauer explains the mission of his design studio, bauer - konzept & gestaltung (Vienna/Austria).

The interdisciplinarily operating team is composed of architects, branding strategists, photographers, writers, programmers and visual designers. Always concentrating on the contents, the studio is looking for surprising design solutions which are suitable for the daily use likewise. The studio works on visual and spatial identities such as for corporate designs, for museums and exhibitions, creates information designs and orientation systems, as well as packaging and editorial design. The working method is not only analytic but emotional – and implemented pragmatically likewise. As much as the concepts of bauer – konzept & gestaltung strive to appeal to the intellect, they also aim to touch – and bring change.

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