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Bienal Comunicación — Mérida, Mexico

A brand we have always wanted to design is that of our city, Merida, in Yucatan, Mexico. From government office to government office, festival to festival and event to event, our identity is managed very poorly by an image that is not congruent with the amazing cultural awakening that we are living through today in all the creative and cultural fields. We would like to create a brand that expresses the city’s ability to constantly surprise in a positive way. Thanks to your question, we have decided to make a branding proposal to this effect!

Bienal Comunicación is a multi-disciplinary studio from Mexico that aims to build “intelligent, valuable brands that transmit experiences and links through communication”. It glories in living by its “Working Rocking” philosophy that takes “passion as an engine and makes it a lifestyle full of commitment, and impeccable taste”.

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