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Brian Liu — Los Angeles, USA

“Designing exhibition catalogues well is no easy task: as a designer, your work must not only be visually appealing to the show’s visitors but must also let the works it delineates sparkle. It’s a tricky balancing act that requires careful consideration of how much content you want to capture from the exhibition and how much self-expression you want to put into the design. Designing catalogues, especially exhibition catalogues, allows you to be more expressive through typographic layout, image treatment, graphic language and even the materials that are forming the book. It gives you the freedom the blend in the artist’s mindset through different components.”

Born and raised in Taiwan, Brian Liu is currently a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. He’s passionate about a diverse range of media, including print, digital and collage. He draws inspiration from photography, vintage materials, graffiti and Asian culture — especially his Taiwanese homeland. His work is rooted in research, iteration and open dialogue. He prides himself on his thoughtful approach and creative communication.

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