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Burgerac — London, UK

“There are certain colours you can use that are associated with hunger or that are considered as emotional triggers. However, that’s not nearly so important as cleverly combining typography, colour scheme, tone of voice in your copy and illustration style to create a brand that promises quality and professionalism in a way that is totally relevant to the company you are designing for and the type of food it makes and sells or service that it provides.”

Burgerac is a London burger blog started by design writer and enthusiast Gavin Lucas in early 2011. As well as reviewing the best burger joints in town, he has been collaborating with like-minded illustrators and designers, including James Joyce, Crispin Finn, Andy Rementer, Timba Smits, Holly Wales, Gemma Shiel of Lazy Oaf, Malika Favre and Ping Zhu to create awesome burger-related products. These have been turned into a travelling burger-themed art show that has now been published in book and place-mat format by Nobrow.

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