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Canefantasma Studio — Mimmo Manes — Cambridge, UK

“Although it’s undeniable that the way posters are enjoyed has changed radically over the last few years (how many posters are still printed and pasted on walls these days?), I still marvel at the diffusion of this particular format. I’m even persuaded that posters are healthier than ever: access to digital communication and production technologies has amplified the poster’s power, notwithstanding some printing limitations. But the quality is as high as ever.”

Canefantasma is a graphic-design practice focused on conceptual design, brand and identity. The studio has a creative and pragmatic approach, motivated by the desire to create original and functional communication tools. It was founded by Mimmo Manes, an Italian art director and graphic designer who specialises in the fields of social design, typographic experimentation and basic design.

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