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Caserne — Montréal, Canada

How do you find designing for a restaurant different to other identity projects? “Our approach is similar to that for other visual-identity projects. However, unlike corporate branding where each piece must be a thoughtful declination of a strong platform, in the case of a restaurant branding we leave more room for the playfulness and unique details of each piece. We help to deliver a lifestyle involvement for people who are predisposed to have a good time and the different points of contact a restaurant has with its customers must contribute to the overall experience. We have the freedom to indulge in more surprising elements that also add a human touch.”

Caserne says that it uses its design expertise to “put bold ideas into powerful images that fuel emotions and add value, while contributing to brand culture”. It maintains that “to obtain a quality design that influences the life-cycle of a brand, a clear vision between the client and their creative team is essential. The small size of our company makes us both agile and specialist. Our intentions are simple: to inform, to seduce, to unify, to generate pride.”

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