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Christopher Boffoli — Seattle, USA

“When you are starting with food you are already ahead as food is such a powerful subject because it is one of those things that has commonality for everyone. Whether you eat with chopsticks, a spoon or your fingers, everyone must sustain themselves with food. We all seem to have this interest and fascination with food and it truly is a compelling subject – and astounding because there are so many foods and flavours available in the world for us to eat.”

Christopher Boffoli is a North American fine-art photographer, writer, journalist and film-maker. He is best known for his Big Appetites photographs series (2003-2013) in which tiny, detailed human figures pose in real food environments. Designed with top notes of humour and surprise, the series is also designed to impart criticism of the US’s sometimes-dysfunctional relationship with food, with over-consumption, exaggerated portion sizes and what he calls “food spectatorship”.

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