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Craig Taylor — Mapzilla — Wales, United Kingdom

“Often the process of encoding data to find the narrative or any hidden relationships is difficult. I work with transit data frequently and understanding why a network behaves the way it does involves untangling complex threads. Questions such as what contextual data influences this network, or how the network was functioning this time last year, all help in unlocking these relationships. Ultimately the responsibility of creating factual representations involves a high degree of analysis — this needs to be accurate and grounded in science, which is always a challenge.”

Craig Taylor is a creative data artist with more than 15 years of experience in the spatial industry. Currently leading the data visualisation design team at Ito World, he specialises in transforming movement data into visually captivating representations. Using 3D design and animation, Craig discovers hidden patterns and trends in mobility data, bringing them to life in innovative and intriguing ways.

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