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D'Apostrophe – Donatello D’Angelo, Cosimo Damiano D’Aprile — Florence‎, Italy

"Our aim, through our art direction, graphic design and layout, was to get away from what we perceived as the typical stale, provincial, self-referential type of magazine."

D’Apostrophe is a design studio founded in Florence by two architecture trainees, Donatello D’Angelo and Cosimo Damiano D’Aprile. Its highlight to date has probably been to transform the Tuscan architectural quarterly Opere into a more dynamic and international publication. The studio tries to maintain a balance between unstable editorial aspects and graphical expressions, explaining: "Magazines should have a particular rhythm and a graphic system that guides the reader, which is why we like to 'enrich' every issue using 'tricks' that distinguish themselves from the others."

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