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Dan Matutina – Twistedfork — Manila, Philippines

A designer and illustrator based in the Philippines, Dan loves mixing handmade and digital, clean and dirty, old and modern aesthetics, he also combines colours with different textures and shapes to tell a story. Dan is the co-founder of Plus63 Design Co., a design studio that creates brand identities, strategize communications, designs and illustrations for print and web.

Superflat is quite a challenging art style to describe to first time viewers because it is a broad style. If you look at all the works of superflat artists, they are very distinct from one another. Personally, I see it as an image that combines elements from graphic design, comics, pop-art, animation and the fine arts. These are elements “flattened” together to form a single image. It also doesn’t have to look flat at all. I think a good superflat style of work should be aesthetically pleasing while borrowing elements from different fields of the visual arts and design.

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