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Dora Balla — Budapest, Hungary

“First, it is necessary to order infinity against closure. It is a way of thinking, a procession, a personality-based unselfconscious flow. My advice is simple: be yourself and let your real individual visual personality live and leech. Be experimental, aggressive, enterprising, fascinating, but always be honest. Believe in serendipity, it helps in the search for truth. As S. I. Hayakawa said in the foreword to Gyorgy Kepes’ 1944 The Language Of Vision: ‘When we structuralize the primary impacts of experience differently, we shall structuralize the world differently.’”

A design researcher and professor at the MOME University of Art and Design in Budapest, Dora Balla also develops self-initiated design projects such as art books, posters and typefaces, based on historical and visual research. The basic elements of her design are “individual and perceptual forms, experimental typography, pattern design, pure geometry, serendipity and extraordinary connections”.

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